‘Marvels: The Runaways’ 1×05 Review: “Kingdom”


I will freely admit that I only started watching The Runaways to cover for our writer who is out. I’m kinda pissed at myself that I have become emotionally invested in the show.

Also in Gregg Sulkin’s muscles.

But lets break down episode 5.

We Know Who Kidnapped Alex

So we see Alex’s Dad in jail and this dude comes in and wants to buy a strip of land he owns for $5MM. Now, lets be honest, there is something shady when some body wants to pay like double the asking price of everything. There is something wrong when someone wants to just hand you $5MM.

It makes no sense.

But in order to get the money, Alex’s Pops had to get out of jail, so he talked his friend into doing time for him. Now – maybe it’s just me, but if you want me to do time for you – that’s a hard no. And don’t get me wrong – I am loyal as fuck to my friends, but I don’t break the law for a reason.

So as we’re learning this whole story and wondering what the fuck this has to do with anything we see Alex in the back of a car with a gun held to him.

He’s taking Alex to his Dads old stomping grounds and that Man is having a come to Jesus moment with him. It appears that Alex’s Dad never took care of them the way that he said he would. It seems as though Alex’s Dad forgot everything.

Karma comes to get you.

I feel bad for all these kids and how they are learning that their parents have some serious fucking issues. Like at what point do you stop lying? Alex’s Pops didn’t even tell his wife that their kid was kidnapped.

Nope, he calls the cops he’s been paying off.


It’s The Scooby Gang

Of course Nico is freaking out and Karolina is there with her. She thinks it could be the chruch, which – to be honest with you, I would think that same damn thing. Nothing in Karolina’s life is what it seems. It’s just one fucked up thing after another.

So remember that crazy staff that Nico’s Mama has? Yes. It’s coming into play.

Now, I am all for solving a good mystery, but even I draw the line at magical shit that I know is not trustworthy. Especially when I’ve seen it do crazy things like produce snow or lock off rooms.

I love that these girls are wanting to work together – Nico, Karolina, Molly, and Gert – but like let’s be real here. Molly is the only one with powers that seem to be of use fighting someone and none of them are listening to her. So what is going to happen here? How are they going to fix this?

The staff is giving of a heat signature.

Gert wants a plan, but no one has one. They know that they don’t know what they are facing on the other end of that heat signature, but this crew has come together and wants to be there for everyone.

I’m liking this Scooby Gang feel.

But as the staff leads these girls towards Alex, they aren’t exactly following the rules.

Chase Has Daddy Issues

We’ve established that Chases Dad is batshit. But remember how he found Chase working on that design for that hand thing? Well, now all of the sudden he’s taken an interest in it. I don’t for a second believe it’s because he cares about his kid. I believe it’s cause he knows he’s washed up and he needs help to prove that he’s not a douche.

So we see him and Chase working together – which totes explains why Chase isn’t answering the girls calls.

I mean what is breaking my heart during this whole thing is that Chase is terrified of his father. I mean like how shitty of a person do you have to be that your kids are scared of you?

It doesn’t take long before Papa Bat Shit Crazy is asking Chase for help to perfect his “invention he couldn’t get right”. Ummm no Chase. Your Dad wants to help you do some crazy shit. He doesn’t love you. He wants to have your mind.

Chase finally answers his phone and calls Gert back. I have to laugh at how calm she is. I would be pissing my pants if someone was driving cray cray.


Gun Fight

Alex’s Dad comes to get him – guns a blazing versus paying the million dollars. I mean sure – your kid is kidnapped by gangsters so the obvious thing to do is to come out with automatic weapons.

(rolling my eyes at parenting skills hard here).

It doesn’t take long before one of the gangsters has a gun to Alex’s Dad and Alex is forced to shoot him. But what happens is that Alex is taken again. Of course the Scooby Gang isn’t ready to give up and Nico gets out while they are at a stop light. She’s trying to use the staff – which doesn’t work – and Molly decides to show her strength.


And then Karolina takes off her bracelet and is able to put up a force field. Chase shows up and his bionic hands save them. But then, the dude comes back with a gun, ready to shoot and Nico finally gets the staff to work.

As Darius – bad dude central, takes off – Alex runs to his Dad. He wants to go with his father, to help the kid he shot. He doesn’t believe in his father anymore and that’s heartbreaking to watch.

Alex’s Dad is taking the kid to Pride to be sacrificed. Lord, can’t parents be trusted anymore?

Sacrifice for Crazy Dude In the Bed

I can’t with crazy dude in the bed and Karolina’s Mom who acts like this shit is normal. No girl, it’s not normal. It’s not even close.

I really should read the comics so I can understand why all these parents have lost their fucking mind.

The kids are all excited, because they kicked ass. But Alex is smart and knows that his parents and the other parents are not to be trusted. The kids are enamored by their powers, by the dinosaur, the things that they can do.

But they know that they can’t keep letting their parents do this crazy shit.

Personally I am terrified of their parents. What the fuck is pride and what does it hold over them? I don’t get it. Like why on Gods green earth would one start sarificing teenage kids? I know that they can be a pain, but that doesn’t give you the right to kill them.

The kids break into where they think that the sacrifice is going to be and the parents aren’t there. Alex is freaking out. He’s lost faith in his Dad. And when he see’s his Dad again, he makes it clear that everything has changed.

Alex is afraid of his Dad.

I have to say I am not understanding any of these parents. Alex’s Mom is ready to hunt Darius down and kill him to protect hers. Which hey – I get protecting your kids. BUT – these parents are fucking nut jobs.

Frustration, Frustration, Frustration

Can anyone blame these kids for being uber frustrated? Their lives are lies. Karolina’s breaking down cause everything is a lie. Gert and Molly want to get to know the dinosaur and what their parents are up to. They want to know why their parents are horrible people.

Nico gets caught trying to put the staff away and her Mom catches her with it. She’s cool about it and that freaks me out more than anything. Nico’s Mom is the worst. When she says to keep the staff, I would have handed that shit back and run.

Chase runs back into his Dad, who is working on this passion project. It’s a “time machine.” Ummm… run Chase. Your Dad is gonna sacrifice you in order to get your mind. He’s gonna be frustrated when shit doesn’t work.

Yup… there he goes.

Chase finds out his Dad has brain cancer and you can’t help but feel bad for the kid. Like he’s just finally getting a nice Dad.

But the thing is – they think the time machine doesn’t work – but it does. They miss what it shows us.

Los Angeles falling to the ground.

So old creepy dude in the bed? We find out it’s the guy who bought the land from Alex’s Dad.



  • Creepy dude in bed is Karolina’s Dad????
  • I thought dude trying to raise Karolina was her Dad.
  • I don’t trust Chase’s Dad
  • What was Chase’s Mama thinking touching Nico’s Dad? There is some seriously crazy shit going on there.

The Runaway airs on HULU.

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