Marvel’s ‘Runaways’ 1×06: Metamorphosis

I’m going to preface this review by saying that my knowledge of the original comic officially means nothing….

We are so far from the comics canon it’s ridiculous….

But here’s the thing. I’m not mad. I’m actually enjoying that I don’t know what’s going to happen next. It’s kind of like watching fan fiction. They’re still the characters I love just not exactly the same. For the most part these changes have been good. They’ve modernized the characters and brought them into the current generation which is a different and more advanced beast than the generation I grew up in. But there are a few things that have been urking me and that were even more apparent in “Metamorphosis.”


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Something that’s really getting to me is Karolina. In the comics, Karolina had this beautiful realization and coming out as bisexual. But in the adaptation I feel like they’re making it seem as if she’s doing it to get back at her Mom. She even says she feels rebellious. It makes her storyline come off as disingenuous, and Karolina comes off as a petty person. Especially after her comments to Gert about taking Chase from her. I loved Karolina in the comics but I find myself really disliking her after “Metamorphosis.”

I know that she’s going through alot but you don’t get to be a horrible person to deal with it and then act like you weren’t. I’m almost scared to see how the relationship between Niko and her will grow with this new Karolina. I really enjoyed them in the comics. Tread lightly Runaways, that’s all I got to say.

A character that’s changed and that I actually like now is Victor Stein. This is due not only to great writing and reinventing of the character but my love of James Marster’s acting skills. He’s made a career of making unlikeable grey area characters (Spike anyone) likable.

I wanted to stand and slow clap for him as he called out Janet and Robert for their affair. Although I wish he hadn’t done it in front of Chase. (That kid has enough issues without this.) This family is flawed, much like any other family and that makes them relatable, including Victor. I don’t forgive Victor for his past mistakes, however vaguely they’ve been hinted at, but he makes you feel for his current struggles. Janet’s excuse that she wouldn’t have cheated had she’d known Victor was dying is a flimsy excuse and flips their roles to where I want to dislike Janet for her choices. I’m curious where they go from here.

“Metamorphosis” for all of the flaws with certain characters was an episode that had me riding an emotional rollercoaster that by the end had my allegiances with characters switching. It left me feeling a little unbalanced. But isn’t that what great tv and characters do? They make you think about them long after the TV is cold (yes I did just age myself there).


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One character I find they’re doing right is Gert. Ariella is able to have that perfect balance between Gert’s insecurities and her projected confidence. She’s a marshmallow coated in the burnt bits of sarcasm and wit she uses as armour, much like her character in the comics.

I loved her trying her best to flirt even though she was terrified. And then the confidence she had when she realized the guy was reading a book on a subject she knew about. She got that look on her face like ‘bitch I got this!’. And she had two guys eating out of her hand. She was surprised but the guys weren’t. She’s growing as a normal teenager would in crazy circumstances. Every episode I feel like Gert’s character is built upon, much like the others, but she’s one I’ve never changed allegiances with. I’ve liked her from day one. I feel like she can do no wrong. I’m sold, hook line and sinker.

I enjoy that this show has me rethinking where my allegiances are when it comes to characters and their choices. This episode in particular was very polarizing for all of the characters. It also continued to crack apart all of Pride’s little secrets in a manner where my allegiances were again tested. We were immersed into their glamorous world where you could kind of forget what was they’ve done but then it would bring you back to their separate deals with Jonah.

“Metamorphosis” is a well rounded episode that builds on the past and teasing for the future, if you ignore the differences from the comic. It’s well written and the characters have continued to evolve every episode, even the ones in the background, and that’s a sign of a great ensemble cast and show.

Who’s your favourite character? Do you see your’s switching every week as well?

Random Thoughts

  • DON’T DO IT FRANK! Stay the hell away from Jonah! I fear for you my friend.
  • Why is no one ever keeping track of Molly? Like this girl gets herself in trouble constantly. Why does no one care where she is?
  • Can someone wrap Tina up in a blanket and give her a giant mug of hot chocolate (preferably with a generous amount of peppermint schnapps), and make Nico cuddle her. This lady needs some love stat!

Marvel’s Runaways airs on HULU, new episodes every Tuesdays. And for my fellow Canadian’s Showcase runs it every Wednesday at 8 pm.

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