Marvel’s ‘Runaways’ 1×07 Review: Refraction

Marvel’s ‘Runaways’ 1x07 Review: Refraction

Marvel’s ‘Runaways’ “Refraction” was the rollercoaster ride that we’ve started to expect from this show. It raised the stakes in quite a few ways, and I get the feeling that this is all playing into Jonah’s hand. He’s the true mastermind and I think by the end of this season we’ll be able, as a fandom, to look back and see all the pieces fall into place.

Jonah’s biggest manipulation this time seems to be Frank Dean. It almost feels like he wanted Frank to find out about his relationship with Leslie. I can’t see any other reason for him to give Frank exactly what he wanted, a way to make his life mean something other than being Leslie’s arm candy. The unfortunate second hand casualty of this whole situation seems to be Karolina. She’s pushed to the side yet again, after she finally had something she could bond with her father over. They could have talked about Pride but the chances of that happening are slim…

Frank is finally to the point that I think he might actually believe that Leslie is capable of anything. Either that or the new revelation of Jonah being this being might push him further towards the church, blinding him from their after hours activities even more. Jonah is the perfect evil mastermind at this point, which just lends to the perfect casting of Julian McMahon. This man has made a career of it at this point.

There were a ton of heartbreaking moments this episode that all seem to have a tinge of either fear of Jonah (The Yorkes and Wilders) or his fingerprints (The Steins). And I can’t pick which one has me more torn up.

Let’s start with Chase….

If you ignore super serums, impossible technology and disappearing brain tumors; the unfortunate truth is that Chase’s story is a relatable one. Getting a look at how Janet and Victor met all the way to now, just makes who Victor is by the end of the episode, that much more incomprehensible. How did this brilliant man meet the love of his life and then fall head over heels in love with his newborn son, end up just about killing said son? We never see what makes Victor actually snap and change. It’s still left in the air, waiting to be revealed.

There’s no escaping though that he becomes a horrible person. And with most cases Chase is just so desperate for some sort of affection and love from his Father that he is quick to believe he has changed. That’s why Victor attacking him is that much more gut-wrenching. You can see the look in his eyes, that moment when Chase attempts to shut down again. He’s protecting himself from the emotional pain. Another sign of great casting; Gregg Sulkin is more than just easy on the eyes, he’s extremely talented at portraying the intense emotion in these scenes. When he’s laying on the ground hurt and begging his father to stop, I was a mess. Then his utter horror at watching Victor crumple and realizing that Janet finally had enough, it just gets to a person.

My only hope is that storylines such as these bring to light that this is still an issue in society today. It does matter how many laws and campaigns that come out. It still happens, and people still need help.

And then poor Molly….

She knows she screwed up big time. But nobody in the group seems to realize that she kept it all from them out of fear of losing them. Molly is always going to have a fear of abandonment. Nobody can blame a girl who lost both her parents so young for feeling that way. So of course when the other kids got mad she took off to find her own place in the school. I am a little upset with them that they sent Karolina after her instead of Gert. To me it doesn’t compute with the girl from last episode who was acting so selfish. But maybe this is a sign we’ll have better relationships amongst the group from here on out?

The fact that Dale and Stacey were so upset at the Wilder’s suggestion of sending Molly away also just proves how much they feel she’s their daughter now. My heart broke for them. I really thought they weren’t going to do it. But obviously I was wrong.

This is Molly’s worst fear, them deciding to send her away. No wonder her powers were trying to take over. Gert happened to show up at the perfect time. Her promising to Molly “we’re sisters forever, and nothing is ever going to change that” is exactly what Molly needed and what we needed. She keeps Molly from making things worse for the group by exposing them as a whole. But that shared moment and hug ripped out my heart. I was bawling. I just want all these kids wrapped in bubble wrap and locked away in a secret garden where they can flourish.

In short, “Refraction” was emotional draining to watch. I can’t even imagine filming such quality writing and performances all around. And even though  this show keeps pushing further away from it’s source material I can see them trying to make sure that they don’t forget where they came from or what gave birth to this amazing world. 

Random Thoughts

  • Of course Gert has to point out the fact that Frank Dean would be the only parent left to take care of them all. Always on point there Gert!
  • I had to go look for the actress that plays young Janet. It’s Sorel Carradine, who just happens to be the cousin of Ever Carradine, who plays the current Janet. I thought they’d edited Ever’s voice into the scene and couldn’t figure out why they hadn’t done the same with James’ voice for Victor. But turns out the cousins have very similar voices. More on point casting.
  • Nico and Alex talking about her parents was the perfect level of awkward I needed in my life. Great job!

Marvel’s Runaways airs on HULU, new episodes every Tuesdays. And for my fellow Canadian’s Showcase runs it every Wednesday at 8 pm.



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