Marvel’s ‘Runaways’ 1x08 Review: Tsunami

Marvel’s ‘Runaways’ 1×08 Review: Tsunami

I definitely think the writers knew what they were doing when they named this  Marvel’s Runaways episode “Tsunami” because I would have named it cluster-fuck but I’m pretty sure people wouldn’t have liked that. It seems as though the members of PRIDE agree with my assessment as this is the code word they send each other when shit hits the fan. And at the end of the last episode the biggest shit ever hit the biggest fan.

A lot happened this episode, it was a very jagged and jumpy chain of events. So if you missed something this episode, go back and watch it again. It’s important. Every character went through something and had at least a small revelation, both the kids and the adults. “Tsunami” seems to be a big turning point for the majority of the characters, causing both groups to fracture.

Buckle in for my breakdown of Marvel’s Runaway’s “Tsunami”!

Molly Hernandez

This whole episode shows the emotional range of Allegra Acosta’s talent. Molly has mostly been a positive, happy teen for this series. She’s had a few instances of rage and sadness. But this episode…this episode she nailed. The bitter anger she feels at the betrayal of being left behind by Dale and Stacey is raw and real. Allegra makes you feel it down to your bones. The venom she is able to get into her normally chipper voice when she tells her adopted mother, “Bite me Stacey!” made me flinch in response. You can see the heartbreak on Dale and Stacey’s faces but Molly is just too hurt to focus on anything but her pain and making sure that they feel it.

But Molly being the always underestimated kid she is, takes her pain and uses it as motivation to figure some things out. including what the hell this note from her parents is about. Anyone from the outside looking in probably sees Gert and Molly as a pair thinking that Gert is the brains. But Molly figured out where to use that key faster than lightning hit Barry Allen. And the look on her face finding that tape, I’m not convinced that Molly even knows what a VHS is, but my interest in that tape is piqued.

The Tina, Robert & Janet Trifecta

As if the whole situation with Janet shooting Victor couldn’t get any more messy, the first people to show up to help are Tina and Robert. And Chase’s reaction to seeing Robert trying to help is mirrored perfectly by Tina’s look of betrayal at seeing a gun she immediately knows is Robert’s. It has Tina simmering in anger the whole episode. I get the distinct impression that Tina is a bit like the hulk, she’s always just stewing in her anger. She just needs the right thing to lash out at.

Robert offering to sacrifice himself so Janet can live is the final straw for Tina. I’ve seen lots of interviews where the cast says how upbeat and positive Brittany is, so Tina would be her polar opposite and she just disappears into the character so seamlessly. When she destroys the box to save Robert, that is something I didn’t see coming. It’s obvious from her reaction to finding out he was cheating that she deeply cares for him. But she seems like the kind of vindictive character to also let Robert lie in the bed he made.

This leads to two of my favourite interactions of this episode.

Tina and Leslie’s almost cage match was one of them. This was the Jerry Springer moment of a very high strung episode for the parents. I actually had to re-watch this clip because it almost looked like Leslie had pulled her earrings off before going at Tina. Even though Leslie seems to be the leader of the group, it shows Tina’s metaphorical balls and the strength of her anger that she wanted to hit her with the staff. Tina has all the power with that staff but she felt the need to physically exert her anger. Like I said earlier, I feel like she’s one step away from snapping and taking out everyone in her wake.

What I enjoyed even more in “Tsunami” was the moment with Robert and Tina after she saves him. I was disappointed to see that they didn’t subtitle the conversation between them, but from a few google searches with a few Japanese speaking viewers explaining, Robert basically asked for a chance to start over with Tina. She says something along the lines of ‘perhaps’ in response. The body language and the way he averts his gaze does have me wondering a few things about Tina in the bedroom though. Robert is definitely the submissive of the two. Despite that note, this was such a beautiful moment between two characters that I’m finding myself sympathizing with. I have a feeling that too much has happened in Tina’s eyes to forgive but we’ll have to keep an eye on it.


I will admit in this part of the review, that even though I don’t like to discuss my private life in cyberspace, I connected to Chase on a completely different level in this episode. So take this part with a grain of salt if you will.

Okay here we go.

From the moment this episode started I couldn’t help but focus mostly on Chase. I think a big part of this is the vulnerability that Gregg Sulkin is able to give his character. This is a tough topic and even though we’ve only gotten a few tidbits of what it’s like growing up with a father like Victor, we know that it’s way worse than we’ve seen.

Living with a parent that in your mind has the biological need to love you unconditionally and then having that trust betrayed time and time again, breaks a person. Logic would dictate that Chase’s experiences would mean he would be happy to have Victor taken out of his life. That his suffering was finally over. Especially as this man literally just tried to kill him.

But the heart doesn’t work off of logic.

Chase tries to rationalize that Victor didn’t really want to kill him. He makes excuses for him. But it’s the lost look on his face when he says he wants a second chance. It touched my soul. If you’ve never been through something similar, that feeling might be lost on you. It doesn’t matter how many times that person lets you down in the worst way possible, you keep hoping for that chance where they’ll change and love you the way you deserve, no matter how unhealthy that is and until you have enough and cut that person out of your life.

It makes me hope that Chase realizes he deserves better, that there’s people in his life who love him right. But I also know that you can’t always see that. Chase is too stuck in his head at the thought of losing that last chance with Victor. He got a glimpse, however brief, of what that could be like. I honestly don’t think Victor deserves it. If this show ends up redeeming Victor with some excuse about his brain tumor being the reason he’s been violent in the past, I will be extremely disappointed.

If you are struggling in the same spot as Chase I hope you realize you deserve better. Maybe this show gives you the courage to leave or to reach out to find the safest way to do this. I know it’s not always safe to just walk away but you’ve got a chance for someone more, something better, waiting for you out there. My heart’s with you.

This show and it’s creators have a responsibility and I hope they realize the gravity of it.

All in all, this episode was a great powder-keg. And I can tell by the trailer for the next episode that it’s probably going to explode in the next. And I feel like things can go either way with this series from here on out depending on how certain things are dealt with. I’ve constantly felt like this series is on thin ice, and I’m waiting with bated breath to see if they break through and fall or if they cross the river and get safely to the other side.

Random Thoughts

  • Gert pointing out Karolina’s feeling for Nico doesn’t forgive Karolina’s behaviour last episode, I still need closure on that
  • Frank is just so clueless. Boy needs to wake up before he ends up dead at the hands of PRIDE or Jonah.
  • I need a dino pet like Old Lace, she’s amazing and I’m so glad she’s included in the show. It wouldn’t have been the Runaways without it
  • If I find out that man in a suit that came for Amy is Robert, I quit!

Marvel’s Runaways airs on HULU, new episodes every Tuesdays. And for my fellow Canadian’s Showcase runs it every Wednesday at 8 pm.

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