Marvel’s ‘Runaways’ 1x09 Review: Doomsday

Marvel’s ‘Runaways’ 1×09 Review: Doomsday

‘Doomsday’ seems an apt title for the penultimate episode of Marvel’s Runaways. The countdown that we’ve been waiting for this entire season is finally upon us.

I’d say it’s amazing that these parents haven’t figured this shit out already but I’ve been a teenager before, your job is literally to never let your parents know when you’re up to no good. Granted most average teenagers aren’t stopping the end of the world. Unless they live in TV land.

Let’s dive in and talk about some of our favorite moments from “Doomsday”!

Finding Out What Happened to Gene and Alice

I have been trying to piece this together all season. It was one of the biggest changes from the comics to kill off Gene and Alice. Not only did we get that explained to us, it was in great and horrible detail. We also got a (kind of) explanation for Molly’s powers. Somehow the mixture of the explosion and these crazy rocks equals suped-up-Molly. It’s also a shock to see that Leslie herself (who never gets her hands dirty) blow up the lab, with Molly inside and all. Dastardly.

Additionally, we got to see what was on this tape Molly found. It seemed to be the last straw in bringing the kids together into their own family. They’d been splintered immediately before this. But of course Molly comes in and brings them all together. The pain she feels while watching the video ripples through the whole group and straight through the screen to you, the viewer. I can’t even imagine the joy at seeing your parents after so long only to realize the reason for leaving the tape. It serves as a good foil for the plot while breaking my heart at the same time.

Gert and Chase’s Heart to Heart

Any fan of the comics knew this moment was going to come. But they did better than I expected. After the mess with Karolina getting in there I didn’t have my bar set very high.

I am happy to report that this little scene blew way over the bar, like to the moon.

Gert explaining that even with the loud hair and her sometimes loud voice, she feels invisible. It’s relatable. I was that girl in high school. But unlike Gert championing for a cause I just was the one in the hallways trying to convince everyone that they needed to go see the original X-men movie. And this scene could have gone the way of ‘asshole boy taking advantage’…but no of course it didn’t because as we know now that’s not Chase.

The sweet moment when he told Gert he’s always seen her melted my heart. I was a pile of soft goo making heart eyes at the TV. They have all these sweet moments leading up to their kiss. And of course being teenagers they jump at the chance to get some stress out. I laughed out loud at them getting caught with their clothes all disheveled. The whole thing was perfectly Gert and Chase.

Karolina and Nico and That Kiss

In the comics, this kiss catches Nico off guard and she’s almost embarrassed, before letting Karolina down gently.

But this kiss… this kiss is different….

Not only does Nico not let Karolina down, she kisses her back. After the initial kiss when Karolina pulls back, Nico leans in and kisses her again. And then they’re awkward and blushing but that’s it.

It leaves the relationship so much more open-ended.

I always kinda felt bad for Karolina in the comics that Nico never returned her feelings. But the comic being set in an age where bisexuality and sexuality of women in general was much more taboo than now, it makes sense. Here’s hoping we get an actual Karolina and Nico relationship in Season 2 and not just marginalized the chemistry and queer baiting.

Although this turn does not make up for the stringing Chase along to hide her feelings, which is straight up emotional manipulation, I still have big, bad feels about that one. Especially how she treated Gert. Keep in mind neither girl has really acknowledged or apologize for that moment.

This is another thing I don’t think will get wrapped up by the finale. But it gives me high hopes for a season 2.

All in all this was a great build up episode for just before the finale. It puts the parents and the kids firmly on either side of the divide. I’m curious to see how this is all gonna end and I only have to wait another week to find out.

Random Thoughts

  • I love that Molly was sassy as shit this episode, giving it to Gert and Alex both at different moments.
  • I also love the affectionate way they tease Alex and then he fondly calls them all assholes, those are my kind of friends. If we don’t tease you we don’t love you.
  • Frank Dean is not surviving this, I promise you this. Jonah will use him and then get him out of the way to get his happy little family he wants.
  • I can’t wait to see what the parents have to say about suped-up-Molly.

Marvel’s Runaways airs on HULU, new episodes every Tuesdays. And for my fellow Canadian’s Showcase runs it every Wednesday at 8 pm.

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