Marvel’s ‘Runaways’ Season 1 Review: The Right Time for The Right Heroes?

Marvel’s ‘Runaways’ started the season with high expectations. This show has been long awaited by the fans of the comics. And gained momentum on social media as the season drew closer to premiere date. The show’s cast and showrunners made a huge splash at NYCC. So needless to say the first episode was highly anticipated by the fandom, they had to get this one right.

And we are happy to report that they delivered on many levels. Keeping comic book fans happy. Meanwhile keeping new fans hooked in while making them feel comfortable whether they’ve read the comics or not. This is a hard thing to manage when it comes to comic book shows. Especially ones like this that have been modernized and removed from the timeline so much. Much was changed but the important relationships between the Runaways remained; the heart of the story.


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Continue below for a break down of what we loved, could do without and our hopes for season 2.

Overall Impression

Generally, I fell in love with every character in some way or another. Whether it’s loving to hate them like with Jonah. Or love to root for them like Karolina and Nico. Or loving their fierceness like Molly. There wasn’t a character that I felt like faded into the background too much. Even characters we only have seen a few times like Amy and Kinkaid have a place in my geeky little heart. This first season did a great job of introducing both the public face and the other side of the mirror of each character. Something I hope we get more of a sense of in season 2.

Although I will add the caveat that if you are a fan of the comic books and have not had a chance to stream the whole season, be prepared for CHANGE. Much of the characterizations (other than our core group of Runaways) has been altered. But don’t fear fans. It is for the best. They rounded out and added much to characters that needed it. Making the parents feel like actual people instead of these stiff evil masterminds they were in the comics. It gave a story that already had a ton of heart and an extra wallop of it. Something that can be missing from bigger budget Marvel projects sometimes.

What We Loved

The Kid’s Connection

This was the biggest thing that the adaption to TV had to nail. If the connection wasn’t there the whole show would be a bust. They had one episode to show the potential. And they did it!

What they did was show us how lonely and isolated the whole group felt without each other. Even with groups of friends surrounding them in some cases. No one but the others understood that piece they were all missing. Like Amy’s death had ripped that piece of their souls out. You can feel it and by the end of the season, you can feel that they’ve formed their own family.


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The kids have gone through some unbelievable things together. And while some ended up in couples they work as a unit. It ends up being a very us against the world scenario. Which is something every teenager feels at some point or another. Just not in this grand of a scale. And that’s what the season spent a lot of time on. Showing how big this issue they’re fighting against is and yet they don’t fracture even when they have a million opportunities to do so.

You end up so invested in their story as a whole you feel that need for Season 2 in your bones.

The Well Written Female Characters

This whole show was a demonstration on how to write women characters as women are, well rounded. And I mean in every possible way you can be powerful; from physical, to emotional to mental. And I’m not just talking about Molly, Gert, Nico, and Karolina.

The Mothers of PRIDE are not something to be messed with.


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They can give you a verbal lashing Stacey Yorkes style, or threaten to beat you with a staff ala Tina Minoru, or manipulate you to destroy yourself hands free like Leslie Dean, or end up on the wrong side of the jail cell from Catherine Wilder’s sharp wit and if you get in her way I don’t doubt that Janet Stein would claw your eyes out if it was important enough.

There is a role model here for every woman who watches this show. Regardless of your age, sexuality, shape or ethnicity, there’s someone you can see yourself in while watching this show. These women and girls stand up for what they believe in by the end of the series. They really take you on the journey of finding their inner strength. By the end, you can see the inner power literally and figuratively in each of the female characters. Something we need more of these days.

What We Could Have Done Without

The Karolina, Chase & Gert’ Struggle

This messy little sidetrack was definitely something I cringed at every time it was shown on screen. I know that Karolina was trying to hide the fact of her sexuality. But I didn’t get that. There was never a moment where I felt like Leslie and Frank wouldn’t support this. In the comics, she is a church girl, but a Christian church girl who at the time seen her feelings towards another girl as wrong because of this. But in this world, I never have seen that. So why did she have to go after Chase?

This just felt like drama for drama’s sake. And an obstacle towards two great relationships we ended up getting. It made me hate Karolina a tiny bit. Both Karolina and Gert come across as petty, immature children. And I get they’re both teenage girls. But both of these characters are stronger than that. They had already been through so much to let this cause an argument. This was all bad enough, but then it was like it never happened. That they both hadn’t said hurtful things to the other, just to hide their true feelings.

Like I’ve said before shit like this just comes off as unnecessary drama. I’m hoping either this gets forgotten about in season 2 or dealt with properly. Here are our fingers crossed.

Frank’s Petty Side

I loved the fact that Frank was on the outside of the parent group. I thought originally he was going to be a soft place for the kids to land. But then he lets Jonah seduce him to the dark side. With promises of power, influence, and revenge. I hate that he turned into the typical male that gets blinded by what their partner did to them. And blames Leslie without care of who it affects.

My biggest problem with this is the strain it puts on his relationship with Karolina. When the kids’ worlds couldn’t be falling apart more this feels like the last nail in the coffin. Frank went from being my greatest hope to making me cringe every time he’s on screen. Which is possibly what they wanted from his character. But it makes me sad, I love Kip Pardue as an actor. But I hate Frank as a character by the end of Season 2. Here’s hoping for more opportunities for good Frank!

Hopes for Season 2

Where Those Ladies At?

I loved most of the female relationships in this show this season. Whether it was Gert and Molly’s heartbreaking time apart as sisters or Nico and Karolina finally admitting their feelings for each other. I even love the little group of Mom’s banding together to go after their kids.

My hope for season 2 is that these relationships will continue to grow and stay important to the storyline. Don’t get me wrong the boys had some pretty great moments too. But I feel like TV can always use more positive female relationships both romantic and platonic. Too many years media has pushed that girls should be catty and competitive with each other. If anything is to be learned from this past year is that women are stronger when they band together. We can change the world. This comic has always had great female relationships and I feel like if this changes this whole show will be for naught.


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So that’s just me warning the showrunners, you mess with my girls I’m coming for you. The love that all of these ladies have received since this show started is proof positive. So I’m looking forward to more next season.

Chase Gets His Big Heroic Moment

I have fallen in love with Chase as a character, and not just because Gregg Sulkin is easy on the eyes. Chase has been through hell and back. And yet when all the big moments have come up he’s always been either on the receiving end of something horrible or just a background player. Next season I just really want him to have his big moment.

Chase is the kind of character that cares so damn much but has a hard time getting past his fear. I need Chase to have the personal growth to realize he can fight for these things and that he deserves to have these good things. Basically, I want a good day for Chase.


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Favourite Moments

Tsunami (Episode 1×08) – The moment where Chase calls Gert. Upon realizing he needs someone who would support and comfort him no matter what, he doesn’t even think about it. He just calls her. The adorable smile that his actions put on her face is everything. And the fact that Old Lace seems to comment on it is even better.

Hostile (Episode 1×10) – As a fan of the comic the moment that Chase, Nico, and Molly have in the second-hand clothing store just gets to me. Seeing them deck out like their comic book equivalents had my fangirl heart a beating. And I literally squealed at my screen seeing Karolina in her outfit. Yet another nod to the comic fans.

What was your favorite moment from this season? Who do you want to see more of in season 2?

Marvels ‘Runaways’ is currently streaming season 1 on Hulu and Season 2 has been announced with the date TBA.

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