Matt Barr Cast in CW Pilot ‘Identity’


Matt-BarrHello guy from Hellcats that everyone and their best friend wanted to see shirtless. Hell, I think I only watched that show half the time because Matt Barr was on it.

Great thing is – Matt Barr has been cast in my new favorite show. Yes, I am fully aware that Identity hasn’t even been filmed yet, but the plot is so outrageous, that I am in love with the show that hasn’t even finished casting.

We talked about it the other day. That girl from Fruitvale Station – Ahna O’Reilly was cast as the lead.

So a girl needs an organ transplant – only to find out about her long lost half brother who is a match. She moves to SC to be with her family, only to find out that the CIA is investigating them for terrorism. Not surprisingly the CIA wants her as an informant so she goes to work for them.

Barr with play the brother, Davis. He’s an only son in the wealthy Charleston family.

Seriously – from organ transplant to CIA operative. It’s like screaming teenage remake of Alias – but not Alias.


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