Matt Lanter Talks to ‘The Wrap’ about “Star-Crossed”


We’re on the west coast – so we are preparing for ‘Star-Crossed’ to debut tonight! Can not wait. Matt Lanter spoke to The Wrap.

“It’s a futuristic ‘Romeo and Juliet’ love story, mixed a bit with ‘District 9′ and kind of a Brown vs. the Board of Education,” he tells TheWrap’s guest correspondent Sophie Schillaci.

Sounds different, right? Not like anything that we have ever seen. Excited for Aimee Teegarden to come back to TV. Hopefully this show will get me over my sadness that she isn’t in The Selection and that’s not on TV.

On “Star-Crossed,” Lanter plays Roman. He’s one of a group of alien teens chosen as the first to be integrated into high school alongside human students. He soon learns that nothing will be easy at his new school, especially when he recognizes Emery (Aimee Teegarden).

Ten years earlier, Emery discovered a very scared young Roman hiding in her backyard shed and took care of him until authorities found him and violently took him away. But, Roman never forgot the human girl’s kindness.


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