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TBT: The Maze Runner Cast’s Audition Videos Are a Must-See

The heroes of the Maze Runner series have been through a lot. They survived the Maze, they traversed the Scorch, and now they’re ready to take on WCKD once and for all in the Last City. Thomas’ journey may have started when he woke up in the Box, but Dylan O’Brien and his fellow actors’ started somewhere else: the audition room.

In a fun new featurette released in celebration of this week’s The Death Cure release, Maze Runner fans are treated to a look at the beginning of the film series – complete with audition footage and commentary from director Wes Ball. Talk about a TBT.

Watch below for an inside look at how Dylan O’Brien, Kaya Scodelario (Teresa), Thomas Brodie-Sangster (Newt), Ki Hong Lee (Minho), and Dexter Darden (Frypan) became the Gladers we know and love today.

Can we just say how much we love this peek behind the scenes? Everyone looks so young (!!), and it’s crazy to hear how some of the stars we can’t imagine the series without were convinced they weren’t getting the part. (And to look at Dylan’s Teen Wolf hair when he’s saying Thomas’ lines. Just saying.)

Maze Runner: The Death Cure hits theaters this Friday, January 26.

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