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‘Maze Runner’s Dylan O’Brien in Talks to Star in Spy Novel Adaptation ‘American Assassin’

Though Maze Runner star Dylan O’Brien is still on the mend – with production on the third and final installment, The Death Cure, postponed indefinitely – things must be looking up. The actor is in talks to take on the starring role in American Assassin, the adaptation of the bestselling spy novel series by Vince Flynn, as reported by Deadline.

O’Brien will play the title character, Mitch Rapp, who “ruthlessly carries out covert counter-terrorist operations for the CIA.” American Assassin will begin with Rapp as a black ops recruit devastated and grieving after losing his fiancee to a terrorist attack. The CIA assigns Stan Hurley, a mysterious (and badass) Cold War veteran, to teach Rapp how to take down terrorist operations and hunt the people behind them. Soon, Rapp and Hurley (who will be played by Michael Keaton), are assigned “a joint mission with a lethal Turkish agent to stop a mysterious operative from starting World War III in the Middle East.”

American Assassin is the epitome of action franchise potential, with Rapp appearing in 14 bestselling novels written by Flynn (who died in 2013). CBS Films and Lionsgate are co-financing the production, which is indeed hoped to be the start of a series. Production begins in the fall and will work around O’Brien’s recovery.

What does this mean for The Death Cure? We’ll have to wait and see, but we wouldn’t be too worried. This news is a strong indicator that O’Brien is indeed well on his way to recovery, which couldn’t make us happier.

Are you excited to see Dylan O’Brien in this thrilling new role?

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