The ‘Scorch Trials’ Cast Reveal Their Biggest Fears

Last fall, Fangirlish had the pleasure of visiting the set of Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials in beautiful Albuquerque, New Mexico. We spent the day at I-25 Studios, watching several scenes be filmed and sitting down with the cast, director Wes Ball, and more key figures to get the inside scoop on The Scorch Trials. We’ll be sharing everything that we learned on set in the weeks to come, so stay tuned and get ready for Scorch.

The Gladers had to channel all the bravery they possessed to get past the Grievers, escape the Maze, and reach the Scorch – and if they want to survive this new world and the many dangers it brings, they’ll have to continue to keep their fear under control.

Thomas (Dylan O’Brien), Teresa (Kaya Scodelario), Minho (Ki Hong Lee), Newt (Thomas Brodie-Sangster), Winston (Alexander Flores), and Frypan (Dexter Darden) must prepare to face WCKD head-on for the first time, not to mention the other inhabitants of the Scorch (both human and not-so-human) and the environmental anomalies of a world torched by solar flares (i.e. freak electrical storms, giant sand dunes, and all that fun stuff). Needless to say, they’ll have to face their fears if they want to have a hope at survival. But what kind of fears do the Scorch Trials cast have in real life? Here’s what they had to say:

Dylan O’Brien

I fear life itself. [laughs] There’s different kinds of fears, I guess, you know? There’s ones that you hope you wouldn’t even encounter, I guess. I have a little bit of a height phobia. If I have a railing, we’re good – but if there’s no railing, I’m not someone who’s comfortable with being on the edge of buildings. Or like drowning, things like that. But in real life, I mainly focus on adulthood, basically – the future, and my life, and privacy, and starting a family, and things like that. But it’s not necessarily fear, it’s just like, anxiety, I guess. [laughs] Human anxiety.

Kaya Scodelario

I’m very self-conscious; I’ve always been very shy. I find it intimidating to walk in a room full of people – like, that’s just stuff from school. And Dylan has the same thing – we’ve spoken about it a lot. We were both outcasts in school. We weren’t cool, we weren’t anyone’s friend. We were just quiet and didn’t feel like we fit in at all, which is so wonderful about this job because we’re such a family. And we’re all kind of on an equal playing field – no one acts like they’re better than anyone else, and no one treats anyone better than anyone else. We’re just a really nice family, and it’s great that we get to do a sequel. This incredible experience that we had last year, we get to do all over again.

Dexter Darden

It’s funny, we were actually all talking about our fears yesterday, and my one thing that I’m afraid of – I’m really not afraid of heights or anything like that, I’m afraid of rings that you put around your fingers. When I was younger, I had a ring stuck around my finger and we had to cut it off. That was my one fear, and I was like, “Oh my gosh, I’m never putting a ring on.” But as I get older I’m like, “Well, I think I want to get married someday, so I want my wife to buy me a ring.” That’s the only thing I’m truly, truly afraid of. Other than that, just the boogieman that’s hiding out in my closet – but we talk every once in a while.

Alexander Flores

A fear I have in real life… Funny enough, we were talking about this. Dexter was talking about how he’s afraid of rings. We were laughing about it, and he was like, “What are you afraid of?” And I was like, “I’m not really afraid of anything. There are just things I don’t particularly like.” [laughs] Clowns. Not a big fan of clowns. They’re usually very sad; they’re too happy… It’s just makeup… Ugh, no. It’s not my thing.

Ki Hong Lee

I’m a big scaredy-cat – I get scared really easily. Thankfully the cast don’t scare me. I was working on a scene with Dylan and there was a Crank person, and I was scared for my life. I couldn’t say hi to her or introduce myself to her until after we were done and she was out of the makeup – then I could go to her and say, “Hi, I’m so sorry I didn’t introduce myself. I was really scared.” I can’t watch horror movies at all – I just can’t sleep.

Thomas Brodie-Sangster

I mean, everyone has their own insecurities with the little things or big things. It’s kind of hard to say what fear really is, you know? You could be afraid of spiders, or you could be afraid of not succeeding in life or not ever finding love. So I think it’s important to not really concentrate on the fears and just kind of try and deal with it – that’s my mentality to it, anyway. Although I don’t like spiders.

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From common fears such as spiders and clowns to more serious concerns about the future and fitting in, the cast of The Scorch Trials have to be just as brave as their characters to do life, making them a great inspiration for fans. Dexter Darden also shared his best advice for overcoming a fear, tying it all back to the seemingly fearless Gladers: “First, facing it and coming to the fact that you are scared. I think that’s the biggest tip. It’s like, a lot of people are afraid of certain things but don’t really like to admit to it. I feel like once you admit to fear, there’s a way to figure out how to conquer fear. [Our characters] don’t really know what’s out in this world or what we’re surrounded by, and I think that intimidates all of us – but as long as we know that whatever it is, we might be able to conquer it, we can push through. That kind of gives you motivation to conquer your fears, for sure.”

See the Gladers face their fears in Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials, in theaters September 18.

Do you share any fears with the ‘Scorch Trials’ cast?

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