Meet Dilan Gwyn, the Leading Lady from Freeform’s ‘Beyond’


“It will be one hell of a ride!” That’s how the leading lady of Freeform’s Beyond responded when asked what fans could expect from the show this season. Hailing from Europe with Middle Eastern roots, Gwyn is surely on her way to sci-fi stardom. Fangirlish had the pleasure of speaking with the talented and beautiful Dilan Gwyn about stepping in front of the camera, what it’s like to play Willa Frost, and just where the cast of Beyond is headed. Here’s what we learned:

Being An Actress Wasn’t Always The Plan

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When speaking about her entrance into acting, Dilan surprised us when she absolutely lit up discussing the beauty of film making. It was easy to see that the chance to create behind the camera meant just as much to her as being in front of one.

“I have always been a film buff. I knew I wanted to work in film, but I have a love for cinematography and working behind the camera too. The creative process of making a film is like making a work of art. I had to choose between two opportunities for school, and decided to try my hand at acting.”

Dilan Might Not Do This But Willa Would

Most fans at one time or another wonder whether our favorite actors and actresses feel true connections to the characters they play, or if they are anything like them in real life. Dilan makes it pretty clear that she and Willa are not necessarily one and the same.

“It’s always good when you can find a piece of yourself in the character you’re playing. And even when you can’t, being a completely different person is what’s great about this sort of work. I’m not as cool as Willa! I’m a homebody and don’t really like going out or partying anymore. I definitely wouldn’t do some of the things Willa does, but that’s what makes playing make-believe really interesting.”

Willa Is A Dream Character

Though she and Willa aren’t twin souls, Gwyn has great respect and admiration for her on screen persona and the journey she is undertaking on the show. It was evident that playing a character with strength means a lot to the actress, and it was really cool to hear the excitement that Dilan has for Willa.

“Playing a character who’s strong is a dream. Willa’s strong mentally, and she’s strong physically as well so that’s fun! Willa is usually in control even though she’s stumbling a bit this season. She’s still a smart focused woman so I’m sure she’ll end up okay in the end.”

What’s Next for the Cast

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At the end of our time together, Dilan was asked to reveal some teases for the season. Though we couldn’t get her to spill the beans, she surely made us want to tune in!

“This season is slowly building, but things will start to happen soon. It will be exciting for sure. The real world and the realm will blend together and characters’ worlds will start to mesh. Can’t give it all away but it will be one hell of a ride!”

It was so much fun getting to know Dilan. Here at Fangirlish we know a girl has got to follow her dreams, and Dilan Gwyn is doing just that. Though we love having her on screen, we are pretty sure director will be added to her list of accomplishments really soon. For now be sure to catch her in Beyond on Freeform Thursday nights at 8pm Eastern.

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