Michael Cudlitz previews Abraham’s mission on ‘The Walking Dead’

TWD 4x11Comic book fans, get excited. Because Abraham, Eugene and Rosita have arrived on The Walking Dead.

The trio, popular in the comic books, were introduced at the tail end of episode 4×10 when they ran into Glenn and Tara. And this is only the beginning.

Michael Cudlitz, who plays Abraham, talked about the new trio’s mission in an interview with THR.com.

They have a bigger mission that they’re on. They’re not locked in this day-to-day rhetorical self-examination of life and what does it all mean. You take one of Abraham’s lines from the series and he says, “You know what we’re doing here, if it’s dead, f—ing kill it.” They don’t discuss it, talk about their feelings and what they should do or if they should take a vote. Abraham is more like, “By the time you all have your f—ing meeting, I’ll have handled it already.” They are not a Boy Scout Troop.

But how is Abraham, Eugene and Rosita’s arrival is going to impact Glenn, who is looking to reunite with Maggie?

In a way, there’s a dilemma with Abraham because he does need and want more people but he can’t force anyone to be with him because he’s not the boss of anybody. It’s a weird dynamic but he does understand Glenn’s loss. We specifically go into the loss that Glenn is experiencing. That’s the chink in the armor. There’s an understanding that’s reached and it’s interesting because as an alpha-cro-magnon dude, there’s a lot to Abraham that you’d not expect that the show will be going into. Abraham is someone you want to care about.

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The Walking Dead is all-new this Sunday at 9/8c on AMC.

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