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More ‘After’ Movie Casting News

More ‘After’ Movie Casting News

And on the fifth day, they gave us Tristan.

It’s only the first week of filming for the soon-to-be hit film After, and fans have been clambering to find out who will be playing their favorite characters. The lead roles of Tessa and Hardin were announced just before the film began production on July 16, 2018, but the rest of the cast has been announced slowly in the days since, leaving fans staring at their screens in anticipation.

The roles of Professor Soto, Steph and Landon were released earlier this week, and now it is time to meet your Tristan.

Pia Mia, the YouTube sensation singer, songwriter and model, gained the worlds attention when Kim Kardashian filmed Mia singing ‘Hold On, We’re Going Home’, a Drake song, in front of the rapper at a party. Since then, she has worked on songs for the Divergent soundtrack, starred in the revival of the Pussycat Dolls, and worked with

The role of Tristan, which was originally a male character in the books, is Steph’s love interest. The After casting made it clear that race and genders would be changed in the films casting to be more inclusive, and so far we are loving everything that is coming so far. It is a true reflection of the modern age, and a much needed representation on the screen.

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As if we weren’t already excited for the movie, now with these castings we are on the edge of our seats.

How are you feeling about the casting so far?

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