Movie Review: “Brigsby Bear”


There are not many films out there these days that are truly original. Most films these days are based on true stories, or based on a book (more than you probably think). But Brigsby Bear is an original story in more ways than one.

Brigsby Bear is an original film written by SNL cast member Kyle Mooney and his friend Kevin Costello. I’ve been a fan of Kyle Mooney since he joined the SNL cast in 2013. His self deprecating, dark sense of humor is right up my alley as well as his off-beat videos and digital shorts. This Inside So-Cal video where they answer the important question “Is art gangster?” is one of my all time favorites.

Brigsby Bear centers around a man named James (who is very much still a boy) who lives with his parents (played by Jane Adams and Luke Skywalker himself Mark Hammil!) in some kind of bomb shelter. But you soon find out that these people are not really James’ parents at all and James’ life pretty much centers around this show called – yes, you guessed it – Brigsby Bear. But Brigsby Bear isn’t exactly a real show at all.

This film to me is kind of a love letter to pop culture and the things you love. Although the character of James went through something that would absolutely emotionally scar someone for life, it is the idea of Brigsby Bear that he holds onto, even though it is so closely tied to a part of his life you would think he wants to forget. And it gets better. This love he has for this thing (Brigsby Bear) is something he shares with others with contagious enthusiasm that other people can’t help but love it too. And that’s one of the awesome things about being a fan. A true, crazy passionate, enthusiastic fan. You can share that excitement and happiness with others and make them feel it too – even if it is just a fraction of what you feel for that thing. That’s the power of fandom.

And that’s dope as shit.

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