Mr. Robot SDCC 2016 Interview: Grace Gummer

Dom DiPierro was only recently introduced to us but with so many relatable qualities, personal struggles, and lovable characteristics, she’s already a favorite in our books. She’s an FBI agent that’s determined to get to the bottom of the five/nine hack and take down fsociety once and for all.

We spoke with Grace Gummer at San Diego Comic Con to discuss her character Dom DiPierro and what to expect from her in season 2.

“There’s definitely a lot of surprises for my character,” she told us when explaining Dom’s involvement in investigating the five/nine hack. “You’ll find out a lot about who she is, why she’s so drawn to this case and why she’ll stop at nothing to find out who did it.” So far, we’ve seen Dom discover the Coney island arcade, find the bug in Steel Mountain, and now she’s in China investigating the Dark Army. She’s quickly cracking down on what caused the hack and is definitely not a character to mess with.

When talking about adjusting to her new set life on Mr Robot, we asked her if she’d found it difficult to join the show that had already started without her. “Not at all,” Gummer replied. “It felt like I had already been there already. Everybody’s been so lovely.”

It already feels like her character has found its place on this show and we’ve been learning more about her through her storyline. “I think that’s what’s so cool about this show. Every character has their own eccentricity, has their own complexity so you don’t know who is good or bad.” Gummer explained.

Right now, Dom can be considered an antagonist to the show since she is going up against fsociety – run by protagonist Elliot Alderson. However, with such a focus on who she is herself, it’s hard to see her in an evil light. We see her human qualities and her determination to solve a case. Our conflicting feelings for her are likely to grow as the season goes on. It poses the question: Can somebody really be considered a villain just because they’re up against the main character?

To learn more about what to expect from Dom DiPierro and see Grace Gummer’s shining personality, check out our interview with her below:

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