My Public Apology to Jamie Campbell Bower



Dear JCB,

I would like to admit that I am an asshole. A few months ago, I would have been one of those mean doubters and said Jamie is not Jace. I may have made a few comments that are not nice, which I would not like to repeat, cause it’s rude. I know, I know… it didn’t bother me before. I was committed to my idea of Jace being like the Alex Pettyfer type, even though I didn’t want him either. I had my ideas, and I was stuck with them.

So, here’s the story. I was talking to someone and I may have made a comment something to the regards that you weren’t sexy and alluring, and may have said something along the lines of you couldn’t pull this off. So, when I went to Toronto I came in with preconceived notions.

I’d like to repeat that I am an asshole and I was wrong. I wasn’t expecting to be convinced that you were Jace. But you convinced me, you made me a believer.

I was sitting at the end of the table, staring down the hallway, and I saw you walking towards a group of women who were so overwhelmed by what was happening and put us all at ease. There is something about you when you walk in a room. You command a presence. And instantly, I looked over at Cassie and she was smiling, and I could see her belief in you. And I knew, something in my belief system was about to change.

It took one question before I thought, “Oh Dear God Erin, you were so wrong”. You are one of the most charming, funny, self confident individuals I have ever seen. You made every single one of us want to crawl up next to you, to hug you, to walk after you like your little harem. Now, please don’t tell Robbie that, because he said he’d move to Utah with us all after he proposed to two of us. But back to the point.

You are perfect. You are Jace. You are the perfect man to bring the fictional character that so many of us all fell in love with to life. Watching you speak, watching you act, hearing how you understood Jace better then most of us ever will… I believe in you. I would want no one else to play this role. You exude confidence and sex appeal. You are Jace. You make people laugh and smile. You made each one of us feel like we were the only thing that mattered. You are the perfect Jace.

I was wrong. I was a nonbeliever. I am now a believer. I am sorry.

I am so sorry that there are so many that were like the old me, the one that didn’t believe. Their minds will change. I guarantee it.

I apologize for being a doubter.

Erin Gross

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