Adventure Time: A Day At A Star Trek Fan Convention

I stood in a crowded hallway, Trekkies surrounding me on all sides. Red, blue, and yellow shirts everywhere. On my left a man whispers in my ear “Start your warp engines” and we’re off; walking down the winding hallways of the Rio Hotel and Casi in Las Vegas. There are Tribbles on my left and a life-size transporter on my right; this is the start of the Official Star Trek convention (sponsored by creation entertainment).

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Now I’ve been to conventions, I’ve been to THE convention (SDCC). But in all of my 19 years of living in Las Vegas I’ve never had the pleasure of visiting The Official Star Trek Convention (STLV) and let me tell you, it was great.

The one thing I learned in my hours at the con is that Trekkies are the nicest, kindest and coolest people you’ll ever meet.

I started my adventure by visiting the exhibit hall, I walked up and down the rows looking at everything from signed memorabilia to Spock ear cuffs (which I bought, I mean how could you not). I even met a man who makes metal figurines (some of the best Ive ever seen).



I had the pleasure of meeting many fan’s who were so passionate about Star Trek that they started creating their own Trek based content and even incorporated the Trek into their own separate careers:

Five Year Mission: A Star Trek tribute band, were just some of the people I was able to meet. They have made it their personal mission (get it five year mission; I laughed okay) to create a song for each of the 79 episodes of Star Trek the Original Series and were kind enough to gift me a copy of their newest CD “Spock’s Brain” (BTW it rocks guys!!)


You can check out their newest music video for Spock’s Brain here:

I also met the man behind the G&T show, a great podcast that talks about everything Star Trek from fanfiction to episodes of the series.



R. Thomas McPherson and author of “The Veterans of the Physic Wars” series. Thomas was kind enough to show me his signed copy of a book by Walter Koenig (Original Series, Pavel Chekov) ; which inspired him to translate his own work into Russian in Pavel’s honor.  How cool is that!!



But I think that the most amazing fan inspired feat I saw came from Dr. George Baxtor Holder; a man who told me that his week on the Star Trek set was “the best week of his life”. Holder explains in his book, Drugs, Sex, Food and God, how he went from being an addicted drug dealer to a doctor, and Star Trek, it was just the beginning of his journey.


After wandering around the vendor’s hall for a good two hours I headed towards the props and costume musuem provided by CBS where there were actual props from the Star Trek series. I also visited the auction hall (sponsored my PropWorx) where star trek uniforms were on display and many the fan was committing to pay thousands upon thousands of dollars for a relic. I stared at the uniforms and wondered to myself what it would be like to stand on the bridge of the enterprise. Awesome, I bet. But I didn’t need to imagine it, because next thing I knew I was walking into the room where PropFX had provided an ACTUAL life-size model of the bridge from the original series. I was in fangirl heaven. I felt like crying and jumping the rope separating me and the bridge to sit in the Captain’s chair. It even crossed my mind to bribe the security guard. But alas I did not, but I did stare at it for a ridiculously long time; probably too long but who cares it was freaking awesome! I felt like a kid when they first exit the tunnel in Disneyland; I was transported from my normal boring life, to a world of fantasy. I didn’t want to leave I wanted to board the Enterprise and travel through space forever. Eventually my stomach started rubbling and I decided that it was time to leave and to find some lunch.





After lunch I wandered around some more and met amazing fans:

From Randy Sporn (@startreklvr on Twitter) who spent 18 months creating an amazing model of the Starship Enterprise, complete with light-up phasers and little people in the deck. His mission: to get it signed by various actors from the show. Here’s a pic of the Enterprise in all its glory:


To some amazing fans who have taken it upon themselves to create great cosplay’s





(she made all the costumes! Debbie Hoff

As my day drew to a close I decided to enter the Leonard Nimoy memorial theatre and attend a couple panels; Star Trek Enterprise and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. They were great and the actors hilarious. They really knew how to interact with there fans and I loved it. It made me fall even deeper in love with the Star Trek franchise and its fans. So with a happy heart and ear cuffs that made me feel like a Vulcan princess I left the convention center for the real world.


(rom-halan Spock)



Madeline Potts is a Sophomore Journalism student and lover of tea, ginger cats and Comic Con. She once got in a fight with Steven Moffat.