My Thoughts On ‘Good Trouble’ 2×02 That No One Asked For And I’m Still Giving

Oh Callie Adams Foster… you never change.

Now, you may ask why we decided to start covering Good Trouble, and to be honest I don’t know. I didn’t like The Fosters. I felt like Callie always whined, Mariana always did stupid shit and always thought she was a victim, Jesus was always having shit happen to him. But as we all grow up in real life and on TV, things change.

We all change.

Callie and Mariana are now living in downtown Los Angeles, they are growing, and sure – everything still always happens to Callie and Mariana is still reckless, but this show isn’t like The Fosters.

There is a lot of character growth in Good Trouble that as adults we can relate to. There is complexity that you can relate to. And yes, I know that some people could relate to The Fosters and there was obviously a huge fan base. But I think the reason that I starting watching Good Trouble was I wanted to see what all of the fuss was about and give the characters of The Foster another chance.

I missed the season premiere and sure, this one is late. But hey, I am on it.


Mariana is now a big time coder developing her own app. She’s got a boyfriend, she’s helped expose the pay inequality at her job, she’s got the ear of her boss (that she so badly wants to bone). She’s paying bills and she’s taking care of a million things. She’s also aware of it all.

She’s growing up.

Mariana released the salary of all of the company that she works for, and exposed the pay gap. Her boss is trying to make it up to the women that are around, and does a women’s day. Only that shit is sexist AF. Like I can get that he has no idea what to do, but here – let me tell you – FIX THE FUCKING PAY GAP.

He obviously has a crush on her when he see’s Mariana making out with Raj in the office. Here’s the thing – before I get any further, I feel like her boss having a crush on her is lazy story telling. Now, don’t get me wrong, I totally understand that they need to have a conflict and I get why it’s there. But Mariana ALREADY HAS SO MANY CONFLICTS. Like let a woman live. Let her brains be the reason that she is sought after.

But here’s the thing – Mariana can be this strong woman who does amazing things, but her life doesn’t need to be encompassed by men and their dicks. A girl doesn’t need a man to define her.

But here’s more thoughts no one asked for about Mariana, but I am gonna give anyways.

  • Mariana has a sex dream about her boss. And that’s well… normal. I think a lot of us have been there. But she’s not acting on it – so hey.
  • Mariana is offering her boss a lot of guidance, but I am wondering – is there no fucking chain of command at Speculate? Does he not know what a potential lawsuit is?
  • Mariana suggest that there be a committee at work that helps suggest changes. Of course she’s put in charge of it – but she makes herself a hypocrite really quickly. She doesn’t just open up and tell people that she put a man on her team when everyone thought it would be an all female team. She doesn’t know how to be honest, that’s what it feels like. And I just can’t.
  • Mariana treats Callie like a personal assistant and I regress and think that she’s never gonna learn how to grow up.


Oh Callie…

I can’t even begin with Callie.

I feel like I could love Callie, but I feel like at the same point so much of who Callie is they tie to her emotions for everyone else. I get it – she has penis options. I totally understand. But I was more interested in the Callie that took a stand at work, and felt like she grew some fucking balls to finally take a stand for herself.

What she believes in.

So remember that Callie was clerking the Jamal case, then wasn’t and didn’t disclose her real relationship with Malika. After the ruling, Malika steals Callie’s federal ID and goes in and accosts the judge and goes off on him. Not hating on Malika’s anger, cause I can’t even begin to understand it. I just freaked out because I didn’t want her life to be destroyed. It was one of the few moments where I gasped and was like OH LORD, PLEASE LET NOTHING HAPPEN TO HER. Malika has been through enough.

But this is the thing – Callie’s like “I’m not mad” and I am like WTF. Look, I can get hating your job. I can get hating what it stands for. But you got bills to pay, things to do, A FUTURE. I may understand the shit my friends do, but that doesn’t mean that I am gonna be okay when they fuck with my future.

And here’s my thoughts about Callie that no one asked for, but I am giving anyways.

  • Callie really needs to work out her issues with her Dad, because girl has Daddy issues galore.
  • Callie legitimately needs to realize that in order to change she has to stop doing the same shit over and over
  • Callie has to figure out her love life. And she can’t do that until she figures out herself. So stop worrying about relationships and instead worry about fixing her mind.


What is any show without conflict. But Lord, Callie Adams Foster has way too much. Who does she want to be with? MAKE A CHOICE.

We all know that it’s great to be wanted. We all want love. And that’s okay. But it’s not okay to play with someone else’s heart in the meantime.

And here’s my thoughts about love issues that no one asked for, but I am giving anyways.

  • Gael has every right to move on and find his happy. Like Callie doesn’t know what she wants, so he deserves to find what he wants. He obviously cares a lot about her. She just legit doesn’t have her head on straight when it comes to love.
  • Jamie is such the safe choice, but he’s annoying. Because IMO he tries to control Callie, rather than just be there for her and love her. He DRIVES ME INSANE. He needs to calm himself down and really get his controlling shit under wraps. Jamie wants a woman that’s gonna be a stepford wife.
  • Mariana is growing and learning about life and love, but like she needs to be careful, cause she’s messing with her future. I feel like she’s really walking a fine line.


Well Davia is taking a lot of shit on her shoulders, but it’s the kind of thing that we need to see. Dennis lost his son and he’s been dealing with some severe depression. I think Davia is being amazing and she wants to help him. Because like she told him, “His life may not matter to him, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t matter to someone else.”

She tries to get him help, but he’s not taking it. He really, really has the weight of the world on his shoulders and feels very overwhelmed with what is going on. And guilty. Very guilty.

But Davia isn’t willing to give up on him and in the process is finding her strength and worth. And that is admirable.

He rejects everything that she is trying to do, but eventually admits in his own way he needs her by asking if he can sleep in her room. And she lets him and watches him sleep. And I think WOW THESE TWO ARE STRONG.


  • Most of Mariana’s co-workers are assholes
  • I feel like we need to let Gael be happy with Elijah for awhile
  • Malika – girl, get your shit together.

Good Trouble airs on Freeform.



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