NASA: 5 Questions We Want Answered At SDCC

San Diego Comic Con is known for hosting some of the biggest and best TV, movie, and comic book franchises. But what if we told you that NASA also lands itself at the convention each summer? We know what you’re thinking: NASA, really? Between the latest superhero news and comic book sales, NASA is a little-known gem. In recent years it has become a staple at the convention center and this year is no different.

In years past the agency has brought their very best to the show, from Bobak Ferdowsi (flight systems engineer, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory) to Buzz Aldrin (Apollo 11, Gemini 12), space nerds have had a treat the last few years. Along with a stand-alone panel, CCI has also announced that our beloved government agency will also be joining some of our favorite shows at the con.

Here are the top five questions we have for NASA at SDCC:

How Is the 2035 Misson To Mars Going?

Since the announcement that there could potentially be water on Mars, space nerds have been dying to know more. Although we probably won’t see the surface of Mars for decades. we still have questions. When exactly will the mission take place? We need to clear our calendars. What does this mean for space exploration? Could “The Martian” actually happen? No seriously, could it?


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What About the 2020 Mission To Europa?

An ocean in space? It could be possible! Jupiter’s moon is said to be a literal ocean in space. Since water on Earth supports everything from whales to microbes, it is very possible, that Europa carries the same organisms. We may find life on another planet (well moon) far before humans ever get to Mars!

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 How Are Sci-Fi Movies and Video Games Changing NASA (And Vice Versa)?

In a new take on the popular franchise, NASA has been working with the geniuses behind Angry Birds. The app, which teamed up with NASA earlier this year to create Angry Birds: Space, will be heading to the convention center. In the NASA & Angry Birds on a Journey to Mars panel, we will be learning more about how the game is teaching kids (and adults) about space exploration. NASA and Angry Birds will also be debuting a brand new video short at the con.

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Is There Really A Hole In the Sun?

NASA recently revealed that they have found a hole in the sun. Although the hole is a coronal hole, a normal astronomical phenomenon, we still need to know if we’ll be okay. We want to know ASAP if doomsday is around the corner.


Source: NASA

Finally, Will NASA Talk About That UFO They’re Hiding?

During a live feed from the Space Station, an unidentified white dot was seen flying into view right as the video feed is cut off. Spooky, right? The footage has sparked controversy across the globe. Many believe that the object was a simple meteorite, while others believe it’s Aliens. We think it’s just the Doctor coming to save us again.


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Our excitement level for NASA at SDCC: Mission Control during the Mars landing.


Source: NASA

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