NASHVILLE 5X07 REVIEW: Top Romantic Moments from “Hurricane”


I thought it would be lovely to show some romantic moments from last week’s Nashville episode, “Hurricane”. Most of this episode consisted of Deacon and Rayna — aka ‘Deyna’ — Scarlett & Gunnar, Scarlett & Damien, and Maddie & Clay. They all had their tumultous moments, but in the end, each couple loves each other to make each other better. Well, except for Maddie & Clay; they’re on a whole other level. But for now though, let’s celebrate these crazy, romantic moments from this episode.

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  1. Deacon Forgets Deyna’s First Kiss? – How can Deacon forget the first kiss, especially from his wife? It turns out that he confused Rayna with some random chick named Samantha Beasley. Not to mention, Rayna keeps having hazy flashbacks of a fight they had had at a lake house. Strange, but cute!!

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2. When in doubt, go bowling!! – Deacon and Rayna decide to give their songwriting session a break to go bowling. The funniest part is when they try to escape their documentary filmmaker Gene Buckholder, so Deacon skirts past another car. For a moment, my mind had thought back to season one when the two were fighting in the car and had gotten into that terrifying accident. Luckily, that didn’t happen this time. They even sneak in the back of the bowling alley building to make out. Who are they right now?! The moment dies, however, when they get a call from the fire department about a fire.

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3. Maddie and Clay Start a Fire – No, literally, their chemistry is so hot, that they start a fire!! Don’t worry, it is just a cake burning in the oven, but when the ‘rents find out, they’ll obviously blame Clay because he’s the oldest. Tell me why is he with Maddie, again? Isn’t she supposed to be on our good graces this season?

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4. Scarlett and Damien?! Hell No! – When the two decide to celebrate 1 million views on their “All of Me” music video over dinner, I knew this would be trouble. Not only was there some odd chemistry between them, but later on when they bump into each other at Highway 65, Damien kisses her in the rain!! And Scarlett looks like she enjoys it!! The worst part is that Damien is leaving town, so Scar’s feelings are justified. However, when Scarlett tells Gunnar that she has feelings for Damien, he gets upset. This is where I get hella annoyed with Scarlett; the only reason she’s not considering Damien is because he’s flying to Brazil the next morning. But where does that leave Gunnar? Does she still love him? Does she even care? They’re such an odd, confusing couple.

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5. Rayna is Deacon’s “Favorite Hurricane” – After the fire is dealt with, Deyna take some time back to their songwriting session. But it gets ruined when Deacon suggests working separately. They get into another one of their fights, Deacon runs off to his man cave, Rayna to the bedroom. Neither one can sleep, and it’s an agonizing 20 minutes of them pining for each other through a door. However, the next morning, Rayna bites the bullet and apologizes first (even though Deacon is making this a whole lot harder than it should). They kiss and make up, and proceed to make the GOAT of country love duets. They could give Tim McGraw and Faith Hill a run for their money! Listen to “My Favorite Hurricane” below:

What were some of your favorite romantic moments from “Hurricane”? Leave comments below to discuss.

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 Rayna and Deacon take precautions as Hockney tests the limits of the restraining order; Juliette asks the church choir to work with her on an album; Scarlett finds herself drawn to Damien.

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