Nashville: Season 4 Premiere Recap: “Can’t Let Go”

Season four’s premiere of Nashville brought back the drama, tears, and fears we’ve been waiting for from the past couple months!! Everyone is making sure that everyone’s okay; Juliette is even more of a mess from her Post-partum depression, Rayna wants to protect her, but she has her own personal problems; Will deals with the aftermath of his coming out; Avery has no clue how to deal with Juliette and taking care of baby Cadence; and also……….DEACON LIVES!!

But the episode doesn’t even begin with Deacon’s surgery. It starts “One Month Later”, where we see Juliette posing for the premiere of her Patsy Cline biopic. She’s smiling for the cameras, looking gorgeous on the outside, but on the sidelines, she’s bothered that Layla came along with Jeff. Now that Juliette is under Jeff’s wing, she expects to be the center of his attention all the time, but that’s not necessarily the case.

Back home, Avery and Cadence are crashing at his parent’s house in Ohio, witnessing Juliette’s glamourous time in Hollywood. I feel so badly that Avery is torturing himself with this instead of taking his baby and fixing the situation.

Juliette isn’t exactly living it up, though. She’s drinking, partying all the time, and crying and puking in the bathroom stall. She’s so into her emotions that she calls Rayna! But she can’t even keep it together enough to tell the woman what’s wrong and hangs up. Sigh, come on, girl…

Rayna takes it up for Juliette and flies to LA (much to the disappointment of Maddie, who was dying to go) to investigate on her buddy. Rayna confronts Luke, who was supposed to be taking care of this. Luke brushes her off and says everything’s going great and encourages her to enjoy the duet with the one and only Steven Tyler!! I’m kinda surprised we didn’t get any dialogue from the Aerosmith rock god, but I suppose that will come up in later episodes. I’d like to hear if he has any advice for our girl Juliette and her struggles.


When Rayna finally catches up with Juliette backstage about the phone call, Juliette denies it, saying it must have been a butt-dial. RME, girl. Not only does she call out against Rayna, she calls out Layla, as well!

However, in my opinion, Layla kinda deserved it because she didn’t need to taunt Juliette like that, but still. Juliette’s whole aura is just… Like Rayna says:

Yes, you heard it now, Deacon is alive and well, off of the machine, walking, talking, playing the guitar and everything!! The only negative is his sister Beverly is on a coma from having an aneurysm from the surgery. But as for Deacon, he’s doing good. Later on, Beverly is doing better, squeezing Deacon’s hand and gagging against the breathing tube. Am I the only one who isn’t too attached to her as a character? After she tore Rayna to pieces about her jealousy towards her last season, I’ve been turned off by her. I feel sad that Deacon has to watch her struggle to keep her life, but that’s basically all I feel for her.

As for Gunnar and Scarlett, their relationship is on the rocks as well. Ever since that almost-kiss last season, Scarlett is determined to keep things business-casual with him, even when they lay out some tracking and recording sessions for new music. Clearly, Gunnar wants to reconnect with her, but she’s not giving him the time of day, especially since she’s grown comfortable with boyfriend Caleb. But if they can’t even muster up an “I love you”, is there hope?

The hope grows when Gunnar and Scarlett eventually do meet up for new music, and the chemistry explodes when they get into a heavy make-out session on the couch! But Scarlett remembers that she has Caleb and she “feels out of control” when with Gunnar. Hate to break it to you, Scar, but if you can’t even say the L-word to your man but making out with your ex, what does that say about you? What do you want? I hate that she’s inadvertently stringing along Caleb in this love triangle. He doesn’t deserve it.

But by the end of the episode, Scarlett finally tells Caleb she loves him, after laying out her tracks without Gunnar. Whatever. Do you, girl.

In the case of Will and Kevin, after finally coming out to the world, all he does is spend his days in bed with a scruffy beard and messy hair. Kevin actually wants to go out and have fun, just do something! But Will is having none of it. Kevin gets some advice from Gunnar to start slow with dinner, but that doesn’t work out well, cause everybody’s staring. And if they’re not staring, girls are coming up angry at Will for lying to them. As if we really knew or cared where they came from… LOL.


Kevin can see the tension rolling from Will, so he suggests they go to a gay bar. Will isn’t into it, even though it’s more his environment. He’s not feeling it here, nor at his hometown, so he’s stuck in the middle, much to the impatience of Kevin.

But it looks like everything’s okay with them, because Avery and baby Cadence comes back home in Nashville to move in with Will and Kevin. Four Men and a Baby, anyone? This should be fun!


The fun and drama continues in Music City in next week’s “Till the Pain Outweighs the Shame”, with Kelly Ripa and Micheal Strahan from ‘Live! With Kelly and Michael’, and Riley Smith as guest stars.

Synopsis: Juliette breaks down during an appearance on “Live with Kelly and Michael,” prompting Avery’s concern. But when she continues her pattern of irrational and volatile behavior, she leaves Avery with a struggle of his own. Meanwhile, Rayna is determined to show the world that Highway 65 is not just a vanity project and devises a plan to sign Markus Keen (Riley Smith, “True Blood”), one of the biggest rock artists around, on “Nashville.”

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