Nashville Close to Season 5 Renewal at CMT

ABC may have elected to move on from Nashville, but don’t put dirt on its grave just yet.

Nashville is close to a season five renewal at CMT, according to TVLine.

The Lionsgate and ABC Studios execs seemed confident enough about Nashville finding a second life at another network that it convinced the network to end the show’s fourth season on a cliffhanger rather than come full-circle with a series finale-like episode.

“We wouldn’t take such a strong position to advocate for [the cliffhanger ending] if we didn’t feel good about our chances moving forward,” Lionsgate TV chairman Kevin Beggs told The Hollywood Reporter.

A formal announcement of Nahville‘s fifth season renewal at CMT was expected to be announced during Wednesday’s CMT Awards, but Michael Ausiello said a deal had not yet been reached in time.

Are you excited for Nashville‘s return?

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