‘Nashville’ 4×16 Recap: “Didn’t Expect it to Go Down This Way”


With Nashville fans up in arms using the hashtag #RenewNashvilleS5, there’s no surprise why. Last night’s episode, entitled “Didn’t Expect it to Go Down This Way” showed why it’s so hard to stick with the characters of this show. It’s nice to see Juliette and Avery learning how to trust again. Scarlett and Gunnar seem to be closer than ever, aside from new “friend” Autumn butting in on tour. Even Will has it together with his new sexual identity. But it’s difficult to see Rayna and Deacon losing their grip as parents as Maddie spirals out of control, with Cash gladly on her side. It’s gotta get better than this, right? It just has to!

The drama begins when Luke investigates on Riff‘s disappearance with his wife. Their investigation leads to a call from a hospital in New Orleans, where he’s stationed after a stroke after a three-day inducing of booze, drugs and who knows what else. Luke’s managers suggest to cancel the tour if they can’t find a replacement, but Luke is determined to find someone, anyone. Luckily, Thomas Rhett fills in for the spot of the night, killing it on stage!! But Luke realizes that he needs someone long-term for the tour, and who comes strolling by: Juliette!! While her presence on tour isn’t shocking to us, Layla and Avery’s faces tell us just how much fun they’ll have together. Hilarious!!

How did Juliette get on Luke’s tour, you ask? Well it all started with a lovely breakfast with her and her team, scheduling recording time for her next album. Meanwhile, Layla is excited that he opening set on tour will be filmed, but the tour can’t start without Riff. Avery hesitates about being her bandleader, but as soon as Juliette hints that she’s working on new music and having him produce it, he agrees to jump onboard with Layla.

Layla finds out from Glenn about him managing both her and Juliette, and while she’s bothered by it, Glenn reassures her that it won’t affect her album launch. Layla’s excited to meet Riff on tour, but there’s a little problem: he’s still nowhere to be found (or at least he was before Luke found him).

Juliette reaches a breaking point when she sees Avery and Layla performing and their chemistry is getting kinda hot. Juliette is fuming mad, and ranting and raving to Emily about Lavery “grinding onstage”! But before she can go back to the raving Juliette we all know, she comes up with a sneaky plan to jump back on tour with Luke, making Lavery pee in their pants a bit. Our Juliette is back in business!!


Will is also back in business. His new discovery of online dating hasn’t worked out so well, but it seems he’s made a new friend in the studio. They seem to hit it off quite nicely, and Will wonders if Bryan is gay. Funnily enough, Will calls Avery “how can you tell if a guy is gay?”. Um, not sure if a straight guy is the best for this question, but okay. But Will goes on and asks Bryan for a beer, only to find out that the dude isn’t gay. OOP poor Will! But Bryan is okay with it, and they stay friends.


The Exes, however are not okay with Autumn butting in between them, threatening to break them up. With over 6,000 downloads of their new single and radio interviews all over, Gunnar wants to celebrate but Scarlett got a call from Autumn first. They have a nice spa day, which would have been nicer if Autumn didn’t basically tell her to stay away from romances with band members (coughGunnarcough). And what’s worse, when Autumn invites Gunnar over alone for drinks, she gives him a sloppy red kiss on the cheek. Thankfully, he leaves with no further sexual encounter, and ofCOURSE Scarlett sees!! Why is Autumn here for? Seriously. I’m getting sick of her.


I’m also getting sick of Maddie thinking she’s so grown and thinks she can get away with everything. Mind you, she’s 16 freaking years old!! She’s not old enough to make hard and fast decisions. Her parents Rayna and Deacon are up to their wits end on what to do with her, but they clearly aren’t doing enough. The ‘rents figure out a game plan, but before they can do anything, they’ve found out that she’s run away from home! Daphne’s sorta-kinda worried about Maddie but her mama tells her to get ready for dance class. Daphne’s guilt eats at her when the clan arrive at Cash’s house to search for Maddie. She feels that if she hadn’t gotten upset at covering for her sister, then none of this would have happened. Papa Deacon assures her that it wasn’t her fault that Maddie ran away. Cash is the one who needs to feel guilty, but nope. She’s perfectly alright with hiding Maddie in the patio while she argues with Rayna. It shows what kind of adult Cash is, hiding a child from her parents. Maddie, go home.

Rayna is concerned but reassures Deacon to calm down about Maddie. Back at Cash’s home, Maddie is still bitching about her parents but Cash assures her that they aren’t completely in the wrong. Cash got the inside scoop about that deal with Sony, basically their attempts of making Maddie the next Taylor Swift or Miranda Lambert.

Rayna gets into a huge fight with Deacon and runs (surpisingly) to Juliette to see if Maddie’s stopped by. But she opens up a can of worms, sobbing on Juliette’s couch. Remember when Maddie and Juliette used to be so tight? Remember when Juliette assured her that being a teen won’t last forever? Remember the good ole’ days?

Well apparently Maddie doesn’t remember, because when her parents return to Cash’s house (after Deacon saw her the first time), she drops a huge bomb: she’s spoken to a lawyer, and he thinks she’s in favor for emancipation!! Ugh God, someone please send her to boarding or military school?!

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Rayna and Deacon try everything they can think of to reunite with Maddie and avoid court, even involving Teddy (Eric Close) from jail. Juliette tries to rekindle her relationship with Avery, and her success on tour stokes Layla’s jealousy, personally and professionally. Luke Wheeler leverages his own appearance on “Good Morning America” with Robin Roberts to try to jump start Will Lexington’s career, on “Nashville,” Wednesday, April 27th on ABC.


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