‘Nashville’ 4×06 Recap: “Please Help Me, I’m Fallin'”


Nashville’s “Please Help Me, I’m Fallin’” had its ups, downs, falls and attacks, full of shock and awe!! I must admit that this season so far has gone downhill because everyone has been so depressed and not happy with their lives. Juliette has gone off the deep end, with only Avery there to really worry about her; Rayna and her girls are full of attitude, and not the good kind; Gunnar and Will go through their insecurities as men with their significant others; and a tragic fall happens in the end!

But let’s start at the beginning so we’re all caught up.

Juliette is looking scarier and scarier each week. Not only does she have to deal with the divorce from Avery and the possible loss of her child, her drinking heavily, snorting cocaine, and taking shots from nameless doctors, it’s only a matter of time before she truly snaps and loses it. And that matter of time happens when she attacks a fan who was just trying to take a selfie with her! Jeff manages to pry her off the poor girl, but the damage is done. Her brawl is all over the news, Avery is getting worried about what Jeff’s plan is. But before he can start calling authorities, Will and Kevin reassure him not to get sucked back into her craziness again. But guys, look at her!! It’s worse than the PPD now.


At least Gunnar is getting some action in with the new roadie chick Erin (Scout Taylor-Compton). After their little escapade in last week’s episode, he finds an earring on the floor of his bed, thinking it’s hers. So he practically stalks her, but she tells him that the earring isn’t hers. But she won’t pass an opportunity to see Will perform.

Will is getting on my last nerve!!!! He finally came out of the closet, bold and brave as he was, proud to have Kevin under his arm. But now it’s like he doesn’t want to put in the work to be a better person. Will is against selling the song he and Kevin wrote, even though it will give him some credibility, since he got dropped by Luke’s label. He’d rather be on stage, where he belongs. Kevin isn’t completely sold, but he has his bf perform for a show.

And the show goes well; it’s nice to see Will back on stage, but it goes awry when he’s singing to a group of girls in the front row and they push a gay guy in front of them. To be honest, it’s pretty funny!! But Will being Will, he doesn’t think it’s very amusing. After the show, he takes to being miserable and drunk out back behind the bar. Kevin gets fed up and leaves him. SMH Will, what do you want? Do you want to be out and happy, or be a scared, insecure child all your life? Get yourself together!!

You know who are finally kinda-sorta getting it together? Scarlett and Deacon. After packing the rest of Beverly’s apartment away, they discover that she performed at the local bar nearby, so Deacon gets her old friends to commemorate her memory together. Even Scarlett gets up and sings one of Bev’s songs she’d used to close her shows with. It’s cute because we haven’t heard her really sing in a minute! I could have done without the cut to Beverly’s shadow actually singing the song and back to Scarlett. If Scarlett is going to honor her mother, it should have been just her singing, not the both of them. Maybe now Bev can finally rest in peace.

Meanwhile, Markus thinks that Rayna would be perfect as his producer for new music, so she says yes, knowing that she has very little experience in the field. Rayna invites Maddie and Daphne over to hear and see a session, but the girls are grumpy. Maddie is grounded for her rock star moment with Juliette last episode, and Daphne is fed up with singing in general, after those mean chicks got to her in the bathroom at the talent show. It’s surprising that it takes Rayna so much time to realize that Daphne is upset. Does she not know how her kids are feeling? It’s just strange. But Rayna comforts her youngest one and assures that she’s special in her own way. We love you, Daphne!!



Jeff really wants to be taken seriously to manage Luke’s label, so he contacts the fan whom Juliette attacked, and forces her to make an apology statement about the entire scene. I couldn’t believe the sneaky act, but then again, this is what Jeff does, so I can’t be too surprised. Luke is impressed by the way he handled the satiation, though.

The tables turn when Jeff finds a high and drunk Juliette standing on the edge of a building, with a bottle of alcohol. He pleads her not to jump or walk over, but it’s not enough to stop her. He just manages to pull her back up on the building, but loses his balance and stumbles over!! Thank God Colt, as drunk as he was, managed to see the entire thing. He should have recorded it just in case.

Does he die? Does he make it? Is he alive? Probably not, because that’s a long drop to survive from… In any case, my body fell to the floor along with Jeff. What type of stuff is that that the last person to save someone who does not want to be saved, gets the short end of the stick and falls over?! That last scene left me so angry, and I really hope the rest of the season perks up at some point.

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Also, check out the synopsis and promo video for the next episode, “Can’t Get Used to Losing You”, coming in two weeks!

Rayna’s concerns about Deacon’s business venture with an old friend from AA, Frankie (Mark Collie), threaten to drive a wedge between the lovebirds. Luke’s personal integrity and his relationship with Colt are on the line in the wake of recent events, on “Nashville”.


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