Nashville 4×08 Recap: “Unguarded Moments”

Nashville brought back the feels, but it finally looks like the show finally finds level ground. Between Rayna and Markus working together, Deacon wanting to connect with Maddie, and Avery helping Will with his songwriting and performing, “Unguarded Moments” made all the weeks of depression and sadness from the season so far worth it.

Rayna and Markus are working together on his music, even well into the early morning. I don’t think Markus is that good of an artist, but Rayna loves it and finds the song appealing. When she gets home, Deacon leaves to work on the construction of The Beverly. The tension in the relationship is tough, since Rayna feels that Deacon is never around to “be her partner” for the girls. To make matters worse, Maddie slides downstairs with newly dyed blonde hair like Juliette! Rayna freaks out and Maddie freaks out even more when she finds out that Sony wants to sign her as a solo artist. Maddie is in serious need of boarding school, and I’m just tired of her constant attitude towards her mother. But on the other hand, the idea of Maddie signed isn’t such a bad idea. Why shouldn’t she be signed? Her mother can manage her and guide her into the music business. But Maddie storms off past Rayna, causing more of a headache for her.

While Rayna can’t get her head on straight about Maddie/Sony, Deacon is frustrated about the mounds of work to be done for The Beverly. Markus and Rayna have a heart to heart and I wonder if there’s some romantic tension going on… Ewww. No. No, no, no. Markus is too young, and Rayna and Deacon have already had too much to come between them to let this new guy come in. Just no. Later on, they come up with a solution to the Maddie/Sony problem: both Maddie and Daphne will be signed to Highway 65 as a duo. Daphne is thrilled, but Maddie clearly isn’t and explains to her that Rayna and Deacon are only doing it just to keep her calm. Rayna and Deacon celebrate their collective parenting skills with a little sexytime and while Rayna goes in the bathroom to freshen up, Deacon spots a text from her phone, from Markus: “Good talk today. Hope I helped.” It’s really innocent, but Deacon’s little green monster creeps up. Hope this doesn’t come between them….again.

The Exes’ tour is going well but Gunnar is so focused on Erin that it’s starting to piss off Scarlett. Is that a spark of jealousy, too? He’s half-listening to a meeting with tour manager, too busy texting Erin. He bails on a meet & greet with fans because of Erin, making Scarlett do it all by herself. To make matters worse, Erin isn’t even that great at her job; during a live show, she wrecks the soundboard and the power cuts off! But Gunnar and Scarlett make it work to their advantage by playing a beautiful, acoustic set with everyone’s lighters and cell phones glowing in the air. Later on, however, Gunnar chastises Erin for her ill-experience behind the scenes. Erin still wants to learn the ways of the biz and Gunnar forgives her, taking their makeup to the sheets. The funniest part though is when Scarlett hears their make-up through the thin, hotel walls, missing her doctor bf Caleb in the process.


For Colt, however, it’s not doing so good for him. He’s still upset about witnessing Juliette’s attempted suicide and Jeff’s death. Luke tries to get him to come see his show, even meet Kid Rock, but Colt says ““I don’t need fun or Kid Rock.” Kid Rock, really? LOL

Since Juliette is in rehab and Jeff is dead, Gabrielle is focused on re-branding the Luke Wheeler Brand. Suggests a new CEO and tourmate. Luke is so enhanced by her smarts and beauty that he kisses her!! Asks her if they want to be together and she says yes.What about that plan you got, Gabrielle???

Avery is making insipid jingles in the studio, scrunting as a single father. Will is busy sneaking around, hiding in his room. I thought that maybe he’s been hooking up with random strangers, but turns out he’s been songwriting about Kevin. Awwww Will!! Will plays a few songs for him and Avery loves it, says they should take it public; they take it to The Bluebird. But Will bails at the last minute, scared of being a new songwriter. Avery takes the stage anyway, singing for his old love for Juliette back in yesteryear. Avery gets a card from a publisher, asking for the person who wrote the song to contact him. Go, Will!!!


So many questions popped in my head. Will Deacon tell Rayna about Markus’ text? Will Maddie and Daphne make it as a newly signed duo? How will Gunnar and Scarlett make it through the rest of the tour with Erin in the middle? Will Will ever find the courage to become a great songwriter?

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Also, check out the synopsis and promo video for next episode in two weeks, “Three’s a Crowd”.

 Rayna’s new artist, Markus Keen, causes trouble for her when he scraps a song on his new album one week before its release. Is Deacon part of the solution or the problem? Luke attempts to reconcile with Colt, and Scarlett surprises Caleb back in Nashville when she gets time off on her tour.

ABC’s Nashville airs Wednesdays at 10/9c. 

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