Nashville: Scout Taylor-Compton Cast for Season 4

ABC’s Nashville is adding in a new girl for season 4: Scout Taylor-Compton!

Scout Taylor-Compton, whom you may recognize also from Gilmore Girls, Charmed, Major Crimes, NCIS: Los Angeles, and Bones, has been cast in the country music drama as Erin, a 20-something “east Nashville hipster” sound engineer with a bit of ink and no desire to commit to anything — a dude, a house, whatever — because her “free spirit” dictates how she lives her life, as TV Line reports.

There’s no word yet as to which Nashville hottie Erin is supposed to be with, but we hope to know soon.

Who do you see Erin falling for – Gunnar, Luke, Deacon or someone completely different? Leave comments below.

Danielle Pitter

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