‘Nashville’ Season Five First Teaser: Where is Juliette’s Lost Plane?

CMT released the first teaser for Nashville season five, and it’s intense!!

It’s just as intense as I remember it!! As Juliette says, “Let’s pick up where we left off.” and boy, does it. Juliette’s mystery plane is still up in the air, but we see Rayna, Deacon and family worried as they watch over the news on TV. Meanwhile, Will and a new guy Jakob Fine (Murray Bartlett) look like they are hooking up, but Will doesn’t look happy about it. Scarlett and Gunnar contemplate where they are going in their relationship. Maddie and Deacon have a tearful heart-to-heart, as Maddie sobs, “I don’t know how you even look at me.”

I hope Juliette’s plane lands safely, obviously. I wish there was more of Avery in the scene, like when he first found out the plane had complications landing in season four. Also, I hope Scarlett and Gunnar make it out; they’ve been back and forth too many times for them not to work it out. And now that there’s no more love triangle, they can focus on them even more. As for Maddie and Deacon, their heart-to-heart will be the most dramatic; they need it after Deacon stopped her from getting with that sleazy producer last season. Also, Maddie could get a better, more improved, redeemed character arc, since her attitude was disgusting last season.

Nashville’s fifth season debuts on CMT, with a two-hour premiere on January 5. Episodes will be available on Hulu the day after they air.

What are your thoughts on the new Nashville teaser? Leave comments below.

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