‘Nashville’ Series Finale Recap: “Maybe You’ll Appreciate Me Someday”

Nashville’s series finale “Maybe You’ll Appreciate Me Someday” was expected to end on a short note. I expected the story to be incomplete. I expected not every story to be celebrated and fixed right away. After ABC announced the cancellation two weeks ago, I even expected the show not to be perfect. But a cliffhanger? A cliffhanger?! It’s understandable that there’s not enough notice to spruce up an alternative ending, but a cliffhanger? Such disappointment.

But prior to the cliffhanger, the rest of the finale lived up to its expectations for the characters.


Let’s start with Juliette, Avery and Layla. Juliette is stressed over her Oscars nomination, planning the awards season with a whole bunch of interviews and dinner parties. During said dinner party, after Glenn tells that she has more to go to, she asks to wear pajamas. Juliette is us. We are Juliette. But Juliette realizes how much she misses her family and invites Avery and Cadence to LA, even bring Layla if she wants to. But Layla takes it to 100 and gets mad at Avery for even thinking of going.

Meanwhile, Juliette gets backed up by a rude paparazzo, asking about if she knew about Jeff’s death. He even went there to ask about being on the roof. First of all, how did this greasy pap reach past security? Secondly, who could have tipped him off to get that information? I’ll give you one guess.

Glenn hopes this blows whole thing over, but the press is all over Juliette. What makes matters worse is Layla decides to call Jeff’s sister Kate Fordham to spill the details about Juliette to defend Jeff. This just shows how completely disgusting, selfish, self-centered, every bad word in the dictionary. How desperate does she need to be in order to keep Avery? Apparently not enough, because Avery finds out and explodes, breaking up with her with a fantastic line of “You’re crazy and we’re done!” The country music gods do exist!!

But not for Juliette. Kate uses this new info to sue Juliette for $3 million, which Juliette tiredly agrees to. Juliette is just done with everything and wants to move on. But before the Oscars ceremony, she gets on camera for a sit-down and fully explains all of what happened on the roof with Jeff. It’s great because she’s finally owning up to her mistakes, while remaining her dignity.


Even The Exes have gained some dignity too. Scarlett tells Gunnar she loves him, but as soon as he answers, Autumn steps in and wraps an arm around him, claiming her man. Scarlett gets pissed and leaves, but later on Gunnar confronts her about saying the big L-word and just bailing. Well, Gunnar, when were you going to tell her about Autumn? Probably never, if Autumn didn’t step in. And what’s even worse, Autumn claims that Scarlett is manipulating Gunnar with the her feelings.

Scarlett and Gunnar chat with their manager and he’s PISSED over the possible breakup. They have no solo records out, Highway65 is finally backing them up on their album, and if they do break up, they’ll have a lawsuit. ALL BECAUSE OF AUTUMN. 

And just when things look grim for The Exes, Scarlett decides to throw caution to the wind and admit all of the feelings to Gunnar right before they open for Autumn. And as they wrap up a pretty love song, Gunnar pulls her in for a kiss, in front of their fans!! All the feels!! And Autumn’s face was priceless!!


Even Will gets his happy ever after with his man!! He and Luke set out to Atlanta, where Cynthia Davis’ show is stationed, to perform as a petition for his rights to be respected on country radio. In order to spread the news, Will calls up Kevin, who’s well-endowed in the gay community. Will, Kevin and Luke head to ATL, and there’s a lot of people protesting, to the point that Cynthia’s security to step outside. He finally agrees that Will can come on her show, only in 15 minutes.

Will goes on Cynthia’s show and basically schools her on being scared of a new world and new perspectives on gay people. Cynthia calls his sexuality “domestic terrorism”, but Will owns her by saying that her viewers will see him as not as a gay country singer but a son, a friend, a human being, and a good person. YESS, Will!! Claim your name and career!! I’m so glad Will got his chance to be himself and own it before the show’s end. Also, Kevin waits outside after Cynthia’s show wraps, and Will (so cutely and awkwardly) asks if they’d like to get back together, and Kevin just kisses him!! It’s so adorable and a lovely way to wrap them up.

Meanwhile, Rayna and Deacon are holding on a thread. They take a trip to NYC for a benefit concert and it kills them that they can’t seen Maddie, who’s just a few blocks away. Maddie is still paying them no mind, making plans for her album, and working with super-producer Vince Pierce. When Rayna finds out, she tries her damndest to get to her daughter. See, Rayna worked with Vince when she was younger, and he was a complete tool to her. He especially got a little too comfortable when he’d made several passes on her when she was younger. Vince had been a sleazy manipulator, convincing her that you had to do all the sexual things in order to get ahead in the industry. She’d told her manager about it and he let it go. Our Rayna knew better even as youngin, and she fired him. But Maddie doesn’t have that guidance anymore. We all know Cash, her self-proclaimed BFF/manager/guardian/this/that, isn’t helping her at all.

Rayna writes an open letter to The Huffington Post to Maddie, explaining Vince’s vulgar behavior, hoping to get through to Maddie. While in Vince’s basement recording studio, Maddie gets a text about her about her mom.

Maddie (as if she really needs to be thinking about this!!) takes an alcoholic drink from Vince, and things get a little tense and aggressive. But before she can scream for help, Deacon sweeps in, and Maddie runs to her dad!! “That’s my dad.” Oh NOWW he’s your dad. But then Cash’s stupid self runs in after everything has happened, but Maddie still leaves with her dad and goes home. It’s a great, Happy family reunion for the whole family. But I find it convienient for something like this to happen to Maddie to get her back home. Not a small sense of maturity, just a creepy producer and opportunistic “best friend”. Also, there’s no grounding? No punishments? No sibling rivalry? Nothing?! I’m happy that Maddie is finally home, but I wished for a more realistic happy ending.

However, Just as things are about to wrap up for everyone, we reach our cliffhanger. Avery and the baby show up to the airport and one of the managers come and say they’ve received a distress call on Juliette’s plane!! Avery looks distressed himself and…that’s how they end the show.

Unless the show gets picked up by another network and cleans up that crazy ending, it’s unfortunate that this is the ending they gave us. But after four long years of love, music, family and the country scene, I’m glad that we even got a series finale. Cross your fingers and more for a pickup!!

What did you think of the series finale of Nashville? Was it everything you wanted? Leave comments below.

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