Natalie Dormer Talks the Strength of Fantasy

Natalie Dormer, one of the newcomers to the stellar Hunger Games cast, recently spoke to the NY Post about how Mockingjay makes a strong statement that is strikingly relevant to world events:

“It’s incredible how poignant an allegory it is for what’s going on in the real world,” says Dormer of the series. “You only need to turn on the television and watch the terrible things about Syria, about a government turning on their own people.

“That’s the strength of fantasy,” she says, “whether it’s ‘Game of Thrones’ or ‘Hunger Games,’ where you can make a really strong statement about society without getting caught up in the constrictions of current politics.”

Check out the full interview, in which Natalie also discusses her upcoming projects (including Rush, which also features Chris Hemsworth) HERE.



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