NBC To Re-Air ‘Adele Live In New York City’ With New Performances

Who wouldn’t love going to an Adele concert? We know that we would. We love Adele – the way that her music speaks to us, says the things that we couldn’t say, and the things that we need to.

We’ve watched her on her television specials and we have loved them. NBC understands just how much the world loves Adele and will be broadcasting a 90-minute version of Adele Live In New York City on Friday, May 6 at 8 PM.

The special will feature 5 songs that were not in the original special. “Water Under the Bridge,” “One and Only,” “Hometown Glory,” “Chasing Pavements” and “Daydreamer” are the songs that will be featured for the first time.

Will you be watching?


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