NCISLA: A Densi Celebration

We haven’t been shy about how excited we are that Kensi and Deeks are finally getting married on NCIS: Los Angeles. I mean, we’ve only been waiting for this since somewhere around the end of season 3, right? (One might even argue since Deeks’ first episode, at the end of season 1).

So yeah, we’re excited. And we’re also a little, baffled, we’ll admit. Baffled at how one of the consistently best OTPs on TV doesn’t get the same love as other questionable couples. Baffled at how this show’s development of what is arguably the most well balanced, healthy and mature relationship we’ve seen in any fictional realm in ages, has somehow flown under the radar.

But we see it. And today, we’re here to celebrate them. Here’s to a happy wedding, and more importantly, a happy marriage.

*cue L-O-V-E by Nat King Cole as we talk about why Densi is so, well, amazing*

He loves her
She loves him

They take care of each other

They have each other’s backs

They are partners
They are friends
They laugh together
They cry together
Sometimes, they even disagree
But they never

Image result for densi gif forever

Give up on each other
Because that’s what true love is
Good Times
Bad Times
Every Day


NCIS: Los Angeles airs Sundays at 9/8c on CBS.

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