Need A Show To Binge? Try E!’s ‘The Arrangement’



If you’re looking for the next show to binge this summer, have we got a show for you!

“The Arrangement” explores the “perfect” Hollywood lifestyle and finds that while it may seem glamorous, a diamond doesn’t always shine in the dark. After all, who doesn’t love the old rags to riches story mixed with Hollywood scandals, love, and deception? Here are the 5 reasons you should be watching “The Arrangement”:

1) The Villain – If you were an Alias fan like yours truly, then having Michael Vartan back on your screen is the best thing since Sydney and Vaughn got their happily ever after! Vartan plays the deceptive, yet charming owner of the “Institute of the Higher Mind”, Terrence Anderson. Unlike his previous role as Agent Michael Vaughn, Terrence is quite the manipulative mastermind. The show does a great job at making the audience decide whether Terrence’s actions are from a place of love and honesty or if there is an ulterior motive as part of his scheme. Vartan draws you into his world and you just can’t help but follow.

2) The Hollywood Hunk – It wouldn’t be a Hollywood story without our leading man. Kyle West (Josh Henderson) is “THE guy”, the one that everyone wants in their latest movies and the one all the ladies want as their latest beau. On the cover of all the latest tabloids, Kyle lives the life of the literal rich and famous. Terrence serves as his mentor and it’s apparent from the start that Kyle is under his spell and is a true believer in the power of IHM. And while Kyle may look like the poster boy for perfection and poise, we find that he has a few skeletons in his proverbial closet. Even with his flaws, he serves as the hero of the show and you just can’t help but root for him. Not to mention, he’s pretty easy on the eyes!

3) The Leading Lady – Of course every leading man needs his leading lady. Enter stage left Ms. Megan Morrison (Christine Evangelista). An actress down on her luck gets the break of a lifetime when she auditions for a role opposite Kyle West. She is swept into the world of fortune and fame but Megan isn’t your typical Hollywood girl. She’s blunt, strong-willed and doesn’t take things lying down, much to Terrance’s chagrin. It’s hard not to immediately fall in love with her and Kyle’s relationship. They are literally the thing romances are made of but like her beau, Megan too garners secrets that have shaped who she is. Will their love survive the stress that comes with being famous or are they doomed to fail?

4) The Institute of the Higher Mind – There’s really no way to describe IHM other than you go in with dilemmas and obstacles and you leave healed…or do you? I’ve finished season 1 and even I am not fully sure of IHM’s goal and that’s what keeps you coming back because you want to know more. You want to see inside this world that Terrance has created and determine if it’s actually everything he makes it to be. Are they truly helping people or are we just lead to believe that? Personally, I can’t wait to see what happens with IHM and its participants.

5) The Arrangement – Like the previews say, Kyle and Megan enter into a “contract marriage” and the contract serves as its own character. Sure it sounds ideal on the outside, a relationship with the perfect guy, fame and fortune, everything you could want and more but like any relationship/commitment, the road is never easy. One would think having a contract that plans out your entire relationship would provide a smooth path but when you have to live your life based on prearranged means, it can take a toll. Kyle and Megan find that it’s one thing to be in love, but to be in love in Hollywood, that’s an entirely different beast. Which leads you to ask the question, is love enough?

Get ready to be swept into the world of fame, scandal, love and deception.

The Arrangement returns in 2018 on E!.

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