Neil Patrick Harris Confirms “Unfortunate Events” Casting

It’s official! Neil Patrick Harris Confirmed late last night that he is indeed been cast in A Series of Unfortunate Events television series as Count Olaf. Villain though he may be, Harris will have ample opportunity to bring out his comedic side.

The show being made for Netflix will be executive produced by Daniel Handler. Fans of the books, know that Lemony Snicket is actually Handler’s pen name for the A Series of Unfortunate Events novels. With him in charge, hopefully, the show will meet fans’ expectations.

As of now, there has been no premiere date mentioned. Only said to be coming in this year! However, no other official casting announcements have been made even though on the 15th of January; the open casting call for the child leads were closed. Pretty exciting, yeah?!

Come chat with me. I’m curious as to whom everyone is thinking of for this show’s casting. These characters are so familiar to many of us.

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