New Extended ‘Arrow’ Season 4 Trailer Has Our Olicity Shipper Hearts Racing

After going so long without a trailer for season 4 of Arrow, The CW has been hitting the Arrow fandom hard with three trailers within the past week. And this latest extended trailer has our heart rates racing at an erratic level.

The new one-minute trailer focuses heavily on Oliver Queen’s new life after he left the Arrow behind, as he enjoys his new domestic, villain-free life with his girlfriend Felicity Smoak. It’s not long before his old life comes calling and he and Felicity return to Star City to a life of fighting crime.

But Oliver doesn’t want to be that person he was before. A person that was associated with pain, suffering and darkness. “Maybe you just need to be a different kind of person,” Felicity so wisely chimes in.

But the scene that has us hyperventilating is a shot of a very romantic dinner between Oliver and Felicity. In that scene, Oliver is putting a ring, A RING, A RING, YES AN ENGAGEMENT RING on Felicity’s soufflé, and that pretty much killed us. Almost as much as when Thea and Laurel so rudely interrupted before Oliver had the chance to propose. Oliver took the time to plan a romantic dinner, had everything all planned out, and then it was interrupted. (We’re gonna need a proposal by midseason finale or season finale at the latest, k?) Pray for us, guys, because at this rate we’re not going to survive before the season 4 premiere on Oct. 7.

Watch the thrilling new trailer below, and we dare you not to be reaching for an inhaler afterward!

Arrow season 4 premieres Wednesday, Oct. 7 at 8/7c on The CW.

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