New ‘Fear the Walking Dead’ Promo Has Nick Scared and on the Run

Run, boy we’ve never seen before. Run!

While we’re still about two months away from the premiere of Fear the Walking Dead, a new promo for the show has us asking: what is this Nick kid running from?

While the promo never shows us exactly what Nick is running from (in Los Angeles), we can assume that it’s a Walker. But for all we know he could’ve gotten caught sleeping with someone’s wife and the crazy husband is running after him with a shotgun. But we like to believe it’s the former because this is, well, a show about The Walking Dead.

Watch the new teaser below:

The Walking Dead companion series, amply titled Fear the Walking Dead, will follow the events of the zombie outbreak long before the events of The Walking Dead began.

Fear the Walking Dead premieres this August on AMC.

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