New Form Digital’s ‘The Fourth Door’ Series On Love and Connection


A few days ago, I introduced you to the new digital series from New Form Digital, The Fourth Door and discussed the first four episodes, currently available to view on the go90 YouTube channel. Episodes 5-12 have been exclusively released on the go90 app on both iPhone and Android. Click on the link to download the app and check out the rest of the series as well as the other original content that New Form Digital has to offer.

The Fourth Door is the story of one woman’s journey with a young boy named Colin (Reid Miller) that she protects as they navigate the strange and dangerous world of Limbo. On this journey, Lain (Monique Coleman) must confront memories and monstrous fears to save herself and the man she loves.

The series also stars Joey Graceffa as Raef, Jarrett Sleeper and Gabriel, and Michael Antosy as Adult Colin. The series was directed by Tony E. Valenzuela, BlackboxTV.

As viewers jump further into the story with Lain and Colin, they realize that the journey is about the lengths Lain must go for love, rather than focusing on what she has seemingly lost. In episode five through seven, Lain and Colin arrive in a strange party with fragmented memories where Lain meets Raef for the first time. Raef fights her in order to draw out memories from her past that fill her with fear. The fear of being left behind, acceptance of change, disappointment, etc. While Lain struggles to resist him, Colin shows up to defeat Raef for the first time. They step through another door only to be separated from each other as soon as they arrive at the next place.

Through the last five episode, Lain and Colin must battle Raef three more times as they fight to protect each other. In the end, their love rescues Colin from the ice and he is able to move on. This series teaches the lesson that love will always defeat fear and death and that when you believe in yourself and others, you will always find your way.

Love is a powerful thing. There is nothing that I wouldn’t do for the people that I love. It’s shown through Lain as she fights to find Colin and set him free. She willingly risks her life to rescue him. Love will always win.

Disclaimer: Though I am already a fan of the series, I have been hired by New Form Digital to raise awareness for The Fourth Door on go90.


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