Game of Thrones

New ‘Game of Thrones’ glimpse

We’re not exactly sure how we’re gonna make it to April.

This is a running theme, of course. Every time HBO gives us some new Game of Thrones information, we go through all the stages: First, denial: It’s not possible. April is too far away. I just can’t make it till then.  Then anger: How can you do this this to us, Game of Thrones? It’s not fair! After that, we move onto bargaining: If you give me more information I swear I won’t complain again. I won’t ever say I like the books more than the show. Just give me a little glimpse. That’s all I ask. And then, there’s depression: April’s never gonna get here. George R.R Martin is never going to finish Book 6. I might as well give up, before we finally get to acceptance: It’s okay. I can be strong. I can make it. I’ve done it before.

Does this moment feel like stage three for anyone else?

In a new HBO Yearender promo, we finally get our first glimpse of someone other than Jon Snow and Bran Stark, as Daenerys looks a bit wilder than she’s ever looked, Ramsay Bolton looks in charge and Cersei finally gets to hold her son again. And though this is not nearly enough, we’ll take whatever we can get. April is a long way from now, after all.

Check out the video (Pay attention around the 2:15 mark), and leave us a comment below!

Game of Thrones returns to HBO on April 2016.

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