New #MazeRunner Still & Speculation on Trailer

So the Maze Runner Movie isn’t coming until September, but the way this year is going – for me at least – it will be here sooner than I can blink and say, “Whut, it’s September already?!” However, the trailer feels like it has been around and promised for ages and just when… WHEN IS IT COMING, HUH?

Well you know, James Dashner has been awful talkative on twitter about this film Divergent. Oh if you’ve been hanging around Fangirlish you know all about it. Okay, even if you haven’t been hanging around Fangirlish, you probably know all about it. Anyway… seems like Dashner bought a huge lot of tickets to go see it with some of his closest personal friends and his family. Now that doesn’t seem odd, but when you pair it up with the tweets he made right before telling us all about the tickets he bought, you sort of could surmise… that just maybe, the Maze Runner trailer will make its debut on the trailer reel before Divergent. Pretty darn stoked for that to happen actually!

Anyway… again, this is all speculation on our parts. Don’t hold us to it, until we run a post that says confirmed and link you to a source that’s reliable. :)

While you’re waiting though, have a lovely movie still featuring Kaya Scodelario:


She is gorgeous and so talented. So excited to see her on the big screen along with Dylan O’brien as Thomas and Teresa. Definitely think The Maze Runner is going to be amazing to see come to life on-screen.



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