A New Promo Trailer And First Two Episode Titles For ‘Famous In Love’

After watching the first two episodes season 2 of Famous in Love tonight, my jaw is on the floor. The drama, drama, drama is intense.

But isn’t that what we love so much?

There is a new promo spot that dropped for Famous In Love and watching it – you know that we’re in for a roller coaster of emotion.

We know you’ve got some burning questions. Who does Paige choose? What happened to Rainer? Who shot the media dude? Did people find out about Nina and Jordan?

The titles and the synopsis for the first two episodes have been released.

Episode 1 is entitled, “The Players,” and it’s described as, Two months have passed and a lot of changes have happened to the cast of “Locked.”

Episode 2 is, “La La Locked,” and it’s synopsis is, The fate of “Locked” has consequences, good and bad, for all involved.

Are you ready for the return of Famous in Love?

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