NEW #Reign season 2 trailer – Mary is Queen of France

Buzzfeed released a fantastic article today (don’t worry, more to come later!) as well as this fantastic trailer. We’ve seen a lot of what’s going on in previous season 2 trailers, but I love the little tidbits that were thrown into this one.

The parts that excite me the most are Leith. Anything with Jonathan Keltz actually. I am sad to see him saying he is over Greer, but we all know that won’t last.

And a potential baby and baby mama death? I may hate on the circumstances surrounding that whole situation, but Mary’s ladies have dealt with a lot, Lola shouldn’t die!

Someone putting Catherine in her place is fantastic. The fact that it is Mary, the person Catherine attempted murder on several times, is even better. And Mary IS the queen of France, whether Catherine wants to admit it or not. I’m sure she will be livid with Francis if (when) it comes out that he killed Henry.

Reign returns October 2nd.

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