New ‘Teen Wolf’ Clip Ignites All of Our Stydia Feelings

We’re only a few episodes in, but Teen Wolf Season 5B has been slowly ramping up the shipping action. First Layden (Liam + Hayden) reunited – albeit with some lingering issues, such as her resurrection and questionable morality – then Scira (Scott + Kira). Stalia (Stiles + Malia) is still on the outs – but next week, Stydia (Stiles + Lydia) shippers will have their day.

In a new clip from next week’s episode, Stiles visits Lydia (still comatose) in Eichen House. He tells her about some of the homework he’s been collecting for her – topics that go way over his head – and says that maybe she can wake up to explain it to him. It’s a sweet, almost funny remark – but things quickly turn more serious. Lydia is in a coma, after all! Stiles begs her to wake up, saying, “You have to come back to us. There’s no way we’re getting through this without you.”

Teen Wolf

Just when our hearts are about to burst, Mama Martin ruins the moment. As much as we love Susan Walters Ashby, Lydia's mom is starting to seriously get on our nerves. How many Stydia moments will you ruin?! Ms. Martin tells Stiles that he has to leave, or she won't let him come back. He reluctantly heads for the door - but notices a shaved spot on Lydia's head. Ms. Martin tells him that it's for ECT (electro-compulsive therapy) - not drilling a hole into Lydia's head, as Stiles suspects. Stiles isn't falling for that one, even if Lydia's mom is - but one of the evil orderlies interrupts, so Stiles is forced to leave.

The orderly says it's time for Lydia's shower - which, if we're not mistaken, may bring us up-to-speed with the shower scene from 5A. One step closer to total badass Banshee ninja warrior.

If we see spirit Lydia watching/reacting to this encounter in the full episode, please have the paramedics on standby. There will be a Stydia shipper down.

Teen Wolf airs Tuesdays at 9/8 c on MTV.

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