NFL 2018: Week 2 Pick ‘Em

So Week 1 of the 2018 NFL season is in the books and as always, we have more questions than answers at the moment. Can anyone stop the Patriots? Are the good Week 1 performances from the  Broncos, Buccaneers and Jets the real deal or just illusion? How does Nathan Peterson have a job in the NFL??

These were just a few of the questions the staff at Fangirlish were wondering after Week 1. So as we look go into Week 2, quite a few games catch our eye. From a AFC Championship rematch to a battle of NFC North rivals, there is no lack of excitement this football weekend.

Now let your faithful group of predictors — Lizzie, Alyssa, Charles and Katherine tell you all what to expect (Or sometimes not to expect) for Week 2 with our predictions for each game!

Baltimore Ravens vs. Cincinnati Bengals (Thursday)

Charles: CIN 24, BALT 20 – Both teams had big wins in week 1 but going to go with my gut and predict a Bengals 2-0 start behind a offense that looks to be back in a groove.

Alyssa: BALT 24, CIN 20 – I don’t know how long I see the Joe Flacco is decent train rolling, but hey, what the hell.

Lizzie: BALT 24, CIN 20 – I don’t think Cincy can beat anyone.

Katherine:BALT 31, CIN 17 – I’m hopping on the Baltimore hype train for at least one more week.

Carolina Panthers vs. Atlanta Falcons

Charles: ATL 17, CAR 10- I do think the Falcons are the better team and this will be a brutal battle but they will get back in the W column.

Alyssa: ATL 24, CAR 17 – There was plenty for the Falcons to learn from in their Week 1 disaster of a red zone offense. I think they’ll find it this week.

Lizzie: ATL 23, CAR 20 – Is it more because I want them to or because I think they will? Either way, the Falcons are my pick.

Katherine: CAR 21, ATL 17 – There were plenty of unexpected results in the first week of the season so let’s go with the Panthers in this game, both teams have the ability to win this game.

Los Angeles Chargers vs. Buffalo Bills

Charles: LAC 34, BUF 10 – OH this game could be close but the Bills looked terrible in week 1 and it might take them a little bit to heal from that beating the Ravens gave them.

Alyssa: LAC 41, BUF 7 – How bad can it get for Buffalo? If Joe Flacco and the Ravens put up 48 on them, what the hell are Philip Rivers and the Chargers going to do?

Lizzie: LAC 41, BUF 6 – The Bills are the new Browns.

Katherine: LAC 38, BUF 13 – The Bills looked absolutely horrible in their first game this year and I don’t expect much of a change against someone like the Chargers.

Minnesota Vikings vs. Green Bay Packers

Charles: MIN 31, GB 25 – I’m picking the Vikings here even if Rodgers plays because there is always a team that seems to have a player’s number. The Vikings are that team for Aaron Rodgers.

Alyssa: MIN 27, GB 20 – Whether Aaron Rodgers ends up playing or not, give me the Vikings defense.

Lizzie: MIN 30, GB 27 – The Vikings won’t be as scared of Rodgers as the Bears were, so even if he plays, that’s my pick.

Katherine: MIN 31, GB 28 – This game is going to be very close, both teams have great players and overall teams. I think that the Vikings will be able to pull this one off though.

Cleveland Browns vs. New Orleans Saints

Charles: NO 32, CLE 21 – The Browns will show heart and score points. It just won’t be enough against this Saints team that seems to score 20 points in their sleep. (Now the defense gives up 30 but they can hold off the Browns I think)

Alyssa: NO 31, CLE 24 – The Saints defense was atrocious last week. But if you’re making me choose Drew Brees or Tyrod Taylor, it’s Brees every time.

Lizzie: NO 38, CLE 24 –  I want to root for the Browns, but I’m not sure they can stop Drew Brees. Not many people can.

Katherine: NO 45, CLE 17 – Drew Brees threw for over 400 yards last week, and while the Browns didn’t actually lose last week they are still the Browns. I still don’t think I can justify picking the Browns to win a game.

Miami Dolphins vs. New York Jets

Charles: NYJ 24, MIA 24 – I’m going to pick one game to tie till it happens again. SO why not this game?

Alyssa: NYJ 21, MIA 20 – Who’d have thought that this game would be interesting before the start of last week? I see a close one with the Jets getting the win.

Lizzie: MIA 24, NJY 21 – Everyone’s picking the Jets, so I’m going against the norm on this one. Don’t be yourselves, Dolphins.

Katherine: NYJ 24, MIA 21 – For the first time in years this game will actually be an interesting one. The Jets defense was unexpectedly great last week and the Dolphins are always likely to give up a game losing interception.

Kansas City Chiefs vs. Pittsburgh Steelers

Charles: KC 28, PIT 10 – Guess the Steelers should maybe consider paying Le’Veon Bell? Cause this team isn’t going anywhere without him.

Alyssa: KC 27, PIT 17 – Things are only going to get worse for the Steelers this week as they face a high-powered Chiefs offense. If only they had a high-powered offense of their own.

Lizzie: KC 24, PIT 10 – I don’t see the Steelers getting better in this game.

Katherine: KC 24, PIT 24 – I like the idea of picking a tie every week and here’s mine for the week. Plus two ties to start the season would be absolutely hilarious.

Philadelphia Eagles vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Charles: PHI 17, TB 14 – Eagles’s defense is still as good as it was last season and that is a blessing as the Eagles offense had it’s struggles in week 1. Against the Bucs, it should be enough to squeak out another close victory.

Alyssa: PHI 21, TB 14 – Unfortunately, Fitzmagic isn’t enough to overcome the Eagles.

Lizzie: PHI 24, TB 23 – I think this is a closer game than most people imagine, but I still gotta go for the safe pick.

Katherine: TB 27, PHI 21 – I like the upsets this week, Fitzpatrick played way better than any of us anticipated last week, and Nick Foles is the starter again. Its the battle of the backups and Foles already had his time to shine.

Houston Texans vs. Tennessee Titans

Charles: HOU 31, TEN 17 – The Texans should be able to win against a completely beat-up Titans team. Deshaun Watson has the rust knocked off of him and can get back that early magic he had in the beginning of 2017.

Alyssa: HOU 34, TEN 14 – The Texans’ job gets a whole lot easier this week as they take on a beaten Titans team without Marcus Mariota. Expect Deshaun Watson to ball out.

Lizzie: HOU 25, TE 10 – Finally a game the Texans can, should, and will win.

Katherine: HOU 37, TEN 24 –  The Texans will bounce back after a week 1 loss against the poor Tennessee Titans.

Indianapolis Colts vs. Washington Redskins

Charles: WASH 24, IND 21 – Andrew Luck looked much better than I expected but also threw way way too much for my liking in week 1. Washington is going to make him do even more just to stay close in Sunday’s game.

Alyssa: WAS 21, IND 17 – Still not sold on Andrew Luck in his grand return to football. Alex Smith and Adrian Peterson should do just enough to get this win.

Lizzie: WAS 23, IND 17 – I thought Luck would be worse, but I still don’t think he’s enough to pull this off.

Katherine: IND 24, WAS 23 – Just for the heck of it let’s give this one to Andrew Luck!

Arizona Cardinals vs. Los Angeles Rams

Charles: LAR 28, ARI 21 – I feel like this will be another game where the Rams start slow but pick it up in the second half. Also much like the Raiders, Arizona won’t be good enough to keep up in the second half.

Alyssa: LAR 31, ARI 14 – Oof, this poor Cardinals team. Things don’t get any easier facing a high-powered Rams offense that can load the points on and a defense out for blood.

Lizzie: LAR 30, ARI 10 – What can I say, the Rams usually get better as the game advances and the Cardinals get worse.

Katherine: LAR 28, ARI 17 – I am all in on the Rams this year, I really think they have the potential to be a playoff contender. The Cardinals just don’t have the ability to stop the Rams.

Detroit Lions vs. San Francisco 49ers

Charles: SF 24, DET 13 – The Lions got sold a bill of goods with their new “Genius” head coach. Sorry Detroit.

Alyssa: SF 28, DET 14 – Could it be? Have the Lions returned to being the Lions of old? Matt Patricia is going to drive that team into the ground.

Lizzie: SF 24, DET 10 – I’d almost feel bad for the Lions, but they have the tools. It’s the coaching that’s killing them right now.

Katherine: SF 31, DET 14 – The Lions looked horrible in week 1, and while the 49ers didn’t look great they looked better than Detroit.

Oakland Raiders vs. Denver Broncos

Charles: DEN 31, OAK 24 – Keenam will keep both teams in the game but Denver’s defense is back to crushing QBs and Von Miller is the best I’ve seen him ever.

Alyssa: DEN 27, OAK 14 – The Broncos have one thing the Raiders don’t: a pass rush. I expect the Broncos to win this easily. If only Oakland had a generational pass rusher. *shrug*

Lizzie: DEN 27, OAK 14 – I wanted to pick the Broncos, because they usually win when I pick against them, but to be honest, they shouldn’t even need me for this one.

Katherine: OAK 24, DEN 17 – Not sold on the Broncos this year, not that I am sold on the Raiders either but this one is a tossup for me.

New England Patriots vs. Jacksonville Jaguars

Charles: JAX 20, NE 17 – The Jaguars have to win the big game now and that defense needs to step up to stop Tom Brady. I think they have enough to finally accomplish this.

Alyssa: JAX 28, NE 24 – Screw it, I’m taking my shot.

Lizzie: JAX 28, NE 24 – Please, football Gods. I’ve been good this year.

Katherine: NE 31, JAX 20 – C’mon guys. Tom Brady was great in the first half of week 1 and as we all know he and the Patriots just improve each week.

New York Giants vs. Dallas Cowboys (Sunday Night)

Charles: DAL 24, NYG 17 – Maybe this is the game I should have picked to end in a tie? Cowboys win somehow, some way.

Alyssa: NYG 24, DAL 17 – The Giants used to own the Cowboys at AT&T Stadium. Here’s to getting back to that.

Lizzie: NYG 23, DAL 20 – I’d love to pick a tie, but I can’t pick against math.

Katherine: NYG 21, DAL 17 – Barkley runs in a touchdown in the dying seconds of this one to win what will otherwise be a pretty uneventful game.

Seattle Seahawks vs. Chicago Bears (Monday Night)

Charles: CHI 26, SEA 23 – The Bears has a crushing defeat last week but there was enough good signs that it should help motivate them to overcome that to best the Seahawks. Mack was a beast but needs to be that for all 4 quarters this week.

Alyssa: CHI 27, SEA 24 – I’m almost afraid to take the Bears after what they did to me last week. But they’ll learn from last week’s mistakes and beat a Seahawks team that is past its prime.

Lizzie: CHI 27, SEA 23 – Hopefully the Bears learned something. I kinda think Week 1 could be a turning point, in a good way.

Katherine: CHI 31, SEA 20 – There were a lot of positive signs from the Bears week 1 performance. The only way is up and this is a game where they can make a statement.

What are your picks for Week 2 of the 2018 NFL Season? Sound off in the comments!