NFL Pick Em: Our Picks for Week 4

Are you ready for some football?!

The fourth week of the 2016 NFL season kicks off with a battle between the Miami Dolphins and the Cincinnati Bengals on Thursday Night Football, with the Bengals looking to get back on track after a tough loss at Denver.

Sunday’s games also feature some anticipated match-ups including a divisional battle between the Atlanta Falcons and Carolina Panthers, the 0-3 Saints fighting for their first win against the San Diego Chargers, as well as a great Monday Night Football match-up as the New York Giants go against one of the best-looking teams in the league, the Minnesota Vikings.

Here are our picks for week four of the 2016 NFL season:


ALYSSA: Cincinnati 24, Miami 17. Miami is coming off its first win. Against the Browns. Barely. The Bengals should come out of the gate hot and ride that momentum to victory.

LIZZIE: Cincinnati 21, Miami 14. The Dolphins don’t look like they can beat a decent team. The Bengals are looking to rebound from a tough loss.

CHARLES: Cincinnati 23, Miami 16. Bengals rebound from a tough home loss on a Struggling Dolphins team that barely got by the Browns

NADIA: Miami 23, Cincinnati 20. I’m not sure what is happening over in Cincinnati, but Miami seems to be pulling it together and will take this win.


ALYSSA: Indianapolis 21, Jacksonville 14. The 0-3 Jaguars are struggling. And those struggles aren’t going to be cured against the Colts.

LIZZIE: Indianapolis 31, Jacksonville 27. I expect points. I also don’t trust the Jaguars at all, so Colts it is for me.

CHARLES: Jacksonville 30, Indianapolis 21. If not now , when for the Jaguars? I still think Jaguars can be a surprise team and a win here will help a lot.

NADIA: Indianapolis 35, Jacksonville 20. I want to root for the Jaguars, but I foresee them remaining winless against a Luck inspired team.


ALYSSA: New England 17, Buffalo 9. Buffalo is struggling. New England is down three quarterbacks. But the Patriots still have Bill Belichick, and he keeps finding ways to win.

LIZZIE: New England 17, Buffalo 13.  I’m done picking against the Pats, even when it seems like they shouldn’t win. I’ll just root against them.

CHARLES: New England 24, Buffalo 14. Patriots are on their 8th billion QB but they could have the corpse of Otto Graham play and they will still somehow win.

NADIA: Buffalo 31, New England 28. Who is the starting QB for New England? And does it matter? I still think Buffalo wins this because any QB will be playing at less than 100%.


ALYSSA: Seattle 24, N.Y. Jets 21

Russell Wilson has been playing hurt for most of the first month of the season, and he’s expected to start. The Seahawks should pull out the victory.

LIZZIE: N.Y Jets 24, Seahawks 14: The Jets should win this one. Then again, the Jets should do plenty of things. Doesn’t mean they will.

CHARLES: Seattle 10, NY Jets 9. Defensive battle with a hurt Russell Wilson leading a game-winning drive is what I envision here.

NADIA: N.Y. Jets 21, Seattle 9. Russell Wilson might play, but not at full capacity. The Jets will bounce back with a win.


ALYSSA: Detroit 27, Chicago 17. With Jay Cutler’s status for Sunday’s game unclear, the stumbling Bears have bigger issues to face before nabbing a W against a more consistent Lions squad.

LIZZIE: Detroit 37, Chicago 17. The Bears just can’t catch a break – or a win.

CHARLES: Detroit 42, Chicago 27. Bears defense is really bad and Stafford is going to cut them up all day long.

NADIA: Detroit 35, Chicago 17. It hurts me to say this, but the Bears are the bottom feeders of the NFC North and quite possibly the NFL. Easy win for Detroit.


ALYSSA: Atlanta 24, Carolina 17. This battle between division foes poses an interesting dynamic: the reigning NFC Champions are struggling at 1-2 while the Falcons have gained momentum.

LIZZIE: Atlanta 35, Carolina 27: The Panthers will put up points, but the Falcons are looking like they can outscore anyone.

CHARLES: Atlanta 23, Carolina 20. Falcons are ready to reclaim the NFC South and this will be the first step towards that.

NADIA: Atlanta 42, Carolina 28. Atlanta is coming off an impressive win over New Orleans and I think that momentum continues over a so so Carolina team.


ALYSSA: Oakland 24, Baltimore 17. This is the week that the Ravens’ luck of pulling off close victories comes to an end.

LIZZIE: Baltimore 21, Oakland 20: This one could go either way – I just don’t trust that this luck will hold for Oakland.

CHARLES: Baltimore 19, Oakland 14. Somehow, someway Ravens are 3-0 and I think they will figure out a way to overcome the Raiders to make to 4-0

NADIA: Oakland 20, Baltimore 17. Oakland is my favorite underdog team right now. I don’t have enough faith in the Ravens offense to score enough points.


ALYSSA: Houston 20, Tennessee 14. The Texans are coming off an embarrassing shutout to the Patriots. But the Titans aren’t much better.

LIZZIE: Tennessee 17, Houston 14. J.J Watts is injured and that’s all I need to know.

CHARLES: Tennessee 21, Houston 7. Texans were shown as frauds last week and against the Titans they will be exposed even more without JJ Watt available to play.

NADIA: Tennessee 17 at Houston 14. I was going to pick Houston before JJ Watt was injured, but now good luck Houston.


ALYSSA: Washington 27, Cleveland 13. The Browns can’t help it that they’re cursed. The winless streak continues as the Redskins collect an easy W.

LIZZIE: Washington 27, Cleveland 21. I mean, it’s not that either team is great, but the Redskins seem to be a tad better. I think.

CHARLES: Washington 34, Cleveland 18. Redskins got in the W column last week over the Giants. This week they will have a easier victory against the Browns

NADIA: Washington 31, Cleveland 21. I still don’t know the identity of either team. It’s a toss up, but Kirk Cousins is a seasoned QB, so I will give this to him.


ALYSSA: Denver 34, Tampa Bay 14. The last several quarterbacks to face the Broncos defense haven’t fared well. And that goes for their opponents, as well. This should be an easy victory for Denver.

LIZZIE: Denver 31, Tampa Bay 20: This defense is too good, and Siemian has looked in command.

CHARLES: Denver 27, Tampa Bay 17. Jameis Winston is in for another rough day against a Broncos defense clicking on all cylinders right now

NADIA: Denver 38, Tampa Bay 24. John Elway may be a genius. Trevor Siemian has shined on the big stage and Denver keeps rolling with the wins.


ALYSSA: Arizona 34, Los Angeles 20. The Rams scored more than their first touchdown of the season last week. But the Cardinals were embarrassed last week and are sure to be pissed

LIZZIE: Arizona 27, LA 24. LA is clearly not as bad as we thought. But they’re also not as good as they seemed last week.

CHARLES: Arizona 19, LA Rams 13. Cardinals are struggling but not enough to lose back to back games against a Rams team that might be better than I thought.

NADIA: L.A. Rams 24, Arizona 17. I called LA Rams the worst team in the league last week and then they scored 37 points. I think they keep the momentum going.


ALYSSA: New Orleans 24, San Diego 21. The Saints are off to a shocking 0-3 start. But you figure the Saints have to get their first win eventually, right?

LIZZIE: New Orleans 38, San Diego 28. The SD defense is just not that good. Neither is Phillip Rivers.

CHARLES: San Diego 44, New Orleans 38. Another high-scoring battle for the Saints and Drew Brees. Another loss for the Saints and Drew Brees.

NADIA: New Orleans 42, San Diego 28. Drew Brees will throw it all over the place and San Diego will be San Diego. Maybe we will see Phillip Rivers get agitated


ALYSSA: Dallas 27, San Francisco 14. The Cowboys are off to an unexpected solid start, and they show no signs of slowing down against the 49ers.

LIZZIE: Dallas  27, San Francisco 17. Prescott looks good, and San Francisco looks lost.

CHARLES: Dallas 24, SF 14. Dak Prescott may be a rookie but he is showing improvement every week. Against the 49ers , this trend will continue in a win for the Cowboys

NADIA: Dallas 28, San Francisco 17. After watching Dak Prescott play in person, there might be a QB controversy in Dallas. Doesn’t matter if Dez is hurt because Ezekiel Elliott is the real deal.


ALYSSA: Pittsburgh 28, Kansas City 20. The Steelers are coming off a dismal loss to the Eagles, but they should rebound just fine against the Chiefs.

LIZZIE: Kansas City 17, Pittsburgh 14. I don’t like to pick the Steelers if I can avoid it, and the Chiefs might pull this one off. Might.

CHARLES: Pittsburgh 31, Kansas City 29. A close game throughout with a game winning FG saving the Steelers this time around.

NADIA: Pittsburgh 31, Kansas City 21. I don’t know what happened to Pittsburgh last week, but it will not happen again this week.


ALYSSA: N.Y. Giants 31, Minnesota 24. The Vikings have managed to go 3-0 thanks to a dominant defense, but the Giants are coming off a tough loss that’s sure to give them back their edge.

LIZZIE: Vikings 21, Giants 17.  The Vikings are scary good. Sorry Giants.

CHARLES: Minnesota 21, NY Giants 14. Vikings have the second-best defense in the NFL  and they will be in Eli Manning face all night long to get another hard-fought victory

NADIA: Minnesota 30, N.Y. Giants 14. Confession: Minnesota is the NFC North Team that scares me the most. Their defense is crazy good and they will dominate the Giants.

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