NFL Pick Em: Our Picks for Week 7


Are you ready for some football?!

The seventh week of the 2016 NFL season kicks off tonight, with a matchup between two teams not so looking so hot right now, Green Bay and Chicago, and ends on Monday, with Denver looking for revenge on the QB who deserted them, Brock Osweiler.

Here are our picks for those games and every game in between, in this week seven of the 2016 NFL season:


ALYSSA: Green Bay 27, Chicago 17Had the Bears been quarterbacked by Jay Cutler in this game I might give them a shot given how inconsistent the Packers have been playing. But alas that isn’t the case, and Brian Hoyer’s lack of play-making ability will spell the Bears’ downfall.

LIZZIE: Green Bay 24, Chicago 12 The Packers are not looking dominant, but they don’t have to be to beat the Bears.

CHARLES: Green Bay 24, Chicago 21 – Aaron Rodgers is struggling but against the Bears defense he should be able to do enough to get the win for his team.

NADIA: Green Bay 28, Chicago 20 – Aaron Rodgers can still make plays. The Bears find ways to lose.


ALYSSA: NY Giants 21, Los Angeles 14 The Giants are coming off a thrilling come-from-behind victory that has given them new confidence. Expect the confidence to continue.

LIZZIE: NY Giants 31, Los Angeles 27 – Flip a coin. Neither team looks that great. But my gut says Giants.

CHARLES: NY Giants 34, LA Rams 24 – Sorry, still not sold on this Rams team.

NADIA: LA Rams 31, NY Giants 28 – The Rams keep finding a way to win. The Giants rely on Odell Beckham’s mood too much.


ALYSSA: New Orleans 34, Kansas City 21 The Chiefs won’t be able to outscore the Saints here.

LIZZIE: New Orleans 35, Kansas City 24 – KC can’t outscore New Orleans, and I’m not entirely sure they can even stop them.

CHARLES: Kansas City 29, New Orleans 14 – Drew Brees isn’t that great in outdoor weather and KC is a awful place to play at.

NADIA: New Orleans 35  Kansas City 21 –Kansas City is a hit or miss team. I think they miss against Brees this week.


ALYSSA: Minnesota 31, Philadelphia 24The Vikings are arguably the hottest team in football right now, and the Eagles have finally been brought down to Earth.

LIZZIE: Minnesota 21, Philadelphia 17 – Hard game to call, but I think Minnesota’s defense comes out on top.

CHARLES: Minnesota 17, Philadelphia 10 – The Vikings are the real deal this season. Another defensive dominate effort by the Vikings will happen

NADIA: Minnesota 28 Philadelphia 24 – I love watching the Minnesota defense play and they are on fire right now. Wentz will throw 2 INT against this defense.


ALYSSA: Tennessee 24, Indianapolis 13 The Colts will have a tough time containing the Titans.

LIZZIE:  Tennessee 35, Indianapolis 31 – The Colts can’t stop anyone and they can’t outscore many people.

CHARLES: Tennessee 34, Indianapolis 31 – Titans are a tough team and will show that toughness in beating the Colts.

NADIA: Tennessee 20, Indianapoils 17 – Certain games bore me. This is one of them.


ALYSSA: Buffalo 27, Miami 17 – The Dolphins might be coming off a stunning victory over the Steelers, but the Bills are about to bring them back down to Earth.

LIZZIE: Buffalo 17, Miami 10 – The Dolphins won last week. I’m still not convinced they can do it consistently.

CHARLES: Buffalo 24, Miami 7 – Bills’s are finally showing promise and I will never pick the Dolphis. EVER.

NADIA: Buffalo 34  Miami 21 – Yeah, Miami won last week. I am still not picking them. The Bills are heading in the right direction.


ALYSSA: Washington 24, Detroit 21 – The Lions have been beating the teams they shouldn’t and losing to the teams they should beat. This game will be close, but the Redskins should prevail.

LIZZIE: Detroit 41, Washington 34 – Offense is the name of the game in this one, and I think Detroit is marginally less bad.

CHARLES: Detroit 34, Washington 29 – Lions win a offensive shootout and keep pace in the NFC Central.

NADIA: Detroit 27, Washington 23 – Detroit can score points and I don’t have faith in Washington.


ALYSSA:  Cincinnati 31, Cleveland 17 – The Browns are the Browns. Should be an easy day for Cincy.

LIZZIE: Cincinnati 24, Cleveland 12 – I expect a rebound from Cinci. I expect nothing from Cleveland.

CHARLES: Cincinnati 24, Cleveland 18 – Close game but Bengals pull through at the end.

NADIA: CIncinnati 31 Cleveland 13 – Division rivalry, but Clevleand is still a mess and the Bengals take an easy win.


ALYSSA: Oakland 34, Jacksonville 14 The Jags might’ve beaten the Bears, but that was a victory over an equally bad team. Raiders got this one.

LIZZIE: Jacksonville 35, Oakland 31 – Because there’s gotta be an upset, right?

CHARLES: Oakland 35, Jacksonville 20 – Raiders lost a tough one last week but rebound over a average Jags team.

NADIA: Oakland 35  Jacksonville 17 – Oakland has been on a roll  and can score points. Jax won a game last week they had no business winning.


ALYSSA: Baltimore 21, NY Jets 13 Because Baltimore is less terrible than the Jets.

LIZZIE: NY Jets 14, Baltimore 10 – I dunno. I flipped a coin.

CHARLES: Baltimore 14, NY Jets 3 – Ravens…I guess. This will be one I will skip.

NADIA: Baltimore  21 at NY Jets 10 –The Jets will have a different QB and maybe they score 1 more TD, but it won;t be enough.


ALYSSA: Atlanta 34, San Diego 27 This should be a shootout. One that the surging Falcons should capture.

LIZZIE:  Atlanta 38, San Diego 21 – I just think Atlanta is the better team – and SD can only play a tough game against Denver.

CHARLES: Atlanta 33, San Diego 23- Matt Ryan is on a hot streak still and will get the chance to carve up the Chargers secondary.

NADIA: Atlanta 38 San Diego 28 – Matt Ryan and Julio Jones are going to carve up San Diego.


ALYSSA: San Francisco 21, Tampa Bay 17 The Bucs might get close, but that’s about it.

LIZZIE: San Francisco 21, Tampa Bay 17 – Go Colin Kaepernick? Something’s gotta give here.

CHARLES: San Francisco 20, Tampa Bay 10 – 49ers need a win badly and I think this is the week they get it.

NADIA: San Francisco 21, Tampa Bay 20 – I  think this will be a close contest and Kaepernick is in crisp form.


ALYSSA: New England 27, Pittsburgh 14 – Ben Roethlisberger’s injury clearly has an impact on this pick. And also my fantasy football team’s imminent loss.

LIZZIE: New England 35, Pittsburgh 14 – This looked like a good game not so long ago. Now it’s a blowout.

CHARLES: New England 44, Pittsburgh 21 – Tom Brady > Landry Jones. NUFF SAID.

NADIA: New England 42 Pittsburgh 21 –It’s kind of not fair. Pittsburgh will be without Big Ben and the Patroits will still have Brady.


ALYSSA: Seattle 27, Arizona 20 At the start of this season I would’ve been more jazzed for this match-up. I’m praying for a show.

LIZZIE: Seattle 24, Arizona 12 – The Cardinals just aren’t as good as we thought. Time to accept it.

CHARLES: Seattle 20, Arizona 11 – Seahawks are almost back and this team against a beat-up Cardinals team is just what they want.

NADIA: Arizona 24, Seattle 23 –I always enjoy this division rivalry because I think they are evenly matched. Arizona wins by a field goal.


ALYSSA: Denver 34, Houston 17 – The Broncos are going to show Brock Osweiler just how much they’re not missing him.

LIZZIE: Denver 24, Houston 10 – Denver is looking for revenge, and a chance to prove Osweiler wrong. I think they get it.

CHARLES: Denver 24, Houston 17 – Broncos need a win badly and their defense will secure it against the Texans on Monday Night.

NADIA: Denver 24, Houston 10 –Houston is awful and Broncos need a win.

Agree? Disagree? Share your own picks in the comments below!


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