NFL Week 3 Winners and Losers

A picture is starting to form.

It’s not the picture we expected – it never is – but it’s starting to become clearer which teams are for real and which ones are …not. It’s too early for definite assessments, yes, but we’re getting closer.

So, let’s talk about the good, the bad, the amazing and the outright horrendous of the NFL Week 3.


Josh McDaniels: It hurts me to say it, but right now it feels like the Patriots could play me at QB and McDaniels would find a way for that to work. But then again, McDaniels was always good at this. It’s the head-coaching thing he sucked at.

John Elway/Trevor Siemian: Elway looks like a genius right now, and it’s all thanks to Siemian looking like more than a competent QB keeping the spot warm for Paxton Lynch. Could this be the future of the Broncos? We shall see.

Carson Wentz: It seems impossible that Wentz can continue to play at the level he’s playing, but it’s been a joy to watch him these three games.

Aaron Rodgers: It seems impossible to bury the Packers with Aaron Rodgers at QB. That’s bad news for his division foes, but good news for NFL fans.

Dallas Cowboys: Boy, those rookies look mighty fine, don’t they?


The Houston Texans: I’m tempted to blame it all on the offense, but fact is the whole team was humiliated on Thursday Night – and that means this is the make it or break it moment. Can they rebound?

John Fox: Fox is a great guy, and a good coach, but he was fired from Denver because his players just weren’t playing hard enough and he seems to have run into the same problem in Chicago.

The Arizona Cardinals: I don’t even know what’s going on in Arizona – but it’s hard to believe the Cardinals are as bad as they looked this week.

Ryan Fitzpatrick: It’s hard to have a worst game than Fitzpatrick had against Kansas City. Really, really hard.

Blaine Gabbert: So, time to start Kaepernick or what?


Carson Wentz: Dream on, Eagles fans. Dream on. Because Wentz looks like the real deal right about now.


Brock Osweiler: The Texans paid a lot of money to avoid offensive performances like the one Osweiler and the Houston defense had this week.

Agree? Disagree? Who were your winners and losers for Week 3? Share with us in the comments below.

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