Is Niall Horan Going Solo?


Any time news filters up the ranks with regard to any of the 1D boys working on solo material, all of us in the fandom feel proud, but with a little sting of pain in our hearts for the bands reunion.
We have heard of Harrys solo aspirations, and that he has been working on some music prior to heading to France this week to begin pre-production on the Christopher Nolan film, Dunkirk. Snip its of Liam’s solo work made the Twitter rounds a while back, leaving fans in a tizzy. And good, ol’ Tommo seems to be enjoying fatherhood, while also vacationing with girlfriend Danielle Campbell, taking this break as literally as possible…with relaxation!
Well, rumors have surfaced that Niall has started tinkering with some solo work as well! According to 1D song writer Wayne Hector, Nialler has turned his sights to a solo career much like his band mates.
Wayne has said of Niall’s recent efforts: “We are writing together, but he wants to do it for himself and not other people at the moment.”
Hector adds that there is no actual purpose for the music yet, and that Niall is writing mainly for himself and not necessarily pursuing solo ventures…but with the writing of music, there is a chance we could hear a little of solo Niall in the future…
In the meantime, while we wait for Niall to decide what his plans are for this mysterious music, he seems to be enjoying his sporting ventures: watching rugby with Pal Rory McIllroy, and joining forces with Modest! big wigs to start a gold management company.
Good on ya, Nialler. Keep yourself busy until you can grace our stages again!

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