Niall Horan and Louis Tomlinson Plot Jail Break?


Be honest…we’ve all had the discussion with our friends on who would bail us out if we did something stupid. Maybe it was a risky choice as a child, or a girls weekend in Vegas (this was my ‘bail-mate’ sitch) but we have all named one person in our lives as our get out of jail not-so-free card.

For Niall Horan, who would that person be? The crooner has tons of friends, many of them famous and affluent, so you have to wonder who he would turn to first. Not that he would be in such a situation, but like I said, its always good to have this plan in the back of your mind.

Who did Niall choose? 1D bandmate Louis Tomlinson.

Niall and Louis have always been close, the two who most love Footie, pranks, and all things humor. They shared the awkward first experience at the MTV Awards eating hot dogs as ‘the worst celebrities ever’, and more than once shared the field for charity football games.

“Louis would come and get me one hundred percent. The others boys would be too busy. He’d have to get from England if I was arrested here [in Ireland]. It probably would take him ages. He’d probably send me an Uber actually, with cash in an envelope.”

As much as we know Louis would do anything for his friends, is humorous side surely wouldnt bypass the opportunity to send an Uber with cash…

Let’s just hope this never has to happen for either lad.

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