Niall Horan Signs With Wilhelmina Models

We’ve always known that Niall Horan is talented and beautiful to look at. He’s so handsome and then when he opens his mouth, let’s be honest, he makes panties fall.

Yes, I went there.

The singer has now started his modeling career, kind of. See, he’s been signed to a modeling agency. Wilhelmina Models, recently signed Niall to its celebrity division. Dude, please someone put him in a suit with a sexy smelling cologne and just take my money. Sure, I am single, but I will find a man just so I can spray him down with that smell.

“I’m into the fashion side of things. I think it’s part of our culture, and what we do, and my job,” Horan told Vanity Fair. “I wouldn’t say I was a model. I’m far from that, but obviously Wilhelmina thinks different. It’s gonna be fun to see what happens. Now that it’s been put in front of me, I’m just really excited about it, to be honest.”

Here’s the thing – between him and Harry, we can totes see these two being models. Now me personally, I am a Niall girl so I am so thrilled for anything he does.

Anyone else excited for Niall’s budding modeling career?


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