Niall Horan Takes His Career In A New Direction

Niall Horan loves golf. If you didn’t know this, I honestly need to question your dedication to the fandom, since the Irish one frequently tweets, snaps, and Instagrams his golf shenanigans. Next to football (soccer, for those non UK fans) it is hands down his fav.

So, should we be surprised that Niall has joined forces with Modest! (put that stink eye away) and started his own golf management company? Maybe, or maybe not. Of course, since he’s on hiatus from One Direction, Nialler will be looking for other ventures to occupy his time and branch out. While Harry is looking to acting, it would appear that Nialler is moving towards entrepreneurship.

28E4800C00000578-3089613-image-a-168_1432134732670The new company’s first major announcement is that they’re a 2016 official partner for the Northern Ireland Open at Galgorm Castle Golf Club this July. The Northern Ireland Open takes place at Galgorm Castle from July 28-31.

In a statement released today, and as reported earlier by Sugarscape, a little info has been provide about the venture:

“Director of Modest! Golf Management Mark McDonnell commented, ‘Modest Golf are delighted to be working with the Challenge Tour and Galgorm on this event. We are excited to come to Northern Ireland; a country that continues to produce some of the best players in the world’.”

And of course, Niall had his say:

“Director Niall Horan adds, ‘The next generation of golfers is a huge focus for us as a business. You only need to look at the history of the Challenge Tour to see the calibre of player it produces. We are hugely excited to be official partners to the NI Open and welcome some amazing golf talent from across the world to participate’.”

Now, I am not a fan of golf, nor am I in any way athletic in any form beyond gold medalist in couch surfing and cookie eating, but this little tid bit might prompt me to become a little more familiar with trying to whack that stupid little ball down the lawn…

Good on ya, Nialler!

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